Steve Tuttle

Tuttle: Memories of the Old School

When my kids started complaining recently about having to go back to school, I told them the same thing my parents used to tell me: "You're going to look back on these days as the best of your lives." Sometimes I find my mouth saying other shockingly unhip dad stuff like, "Are you trying to heat the whole outdoors?!" when they leave the door open, or "If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge?" I was reminded of my sage advice this week when I got the rare chance to...

Can NEWSWEEK Find True Love on eHarmany?

Monday was a really big day in my life, as it was for many of my friends and colleagues at NEWSWEEK. For the past few months, we've all been anxious with anticipation. I've speculated wildly, started unfounded rumors, and chewed my nails down to the quick. But finally, on Monday, I got the news I'd been waiting on for so long.

Morels, Hillbilly Style

For centuries, my Appalachian ancestors have gone to the woods to hunt for deer, pick wild asparagus and blackberries, and fish for trout in streams. But of all the hillbilly delicacies to be found gratis in the great Virginia outdoors, the most precious is also the least lovely.