Steve Tuttle

Remembering Evel Knievel

He was a hero to many, but Knievel didn't like that word at all: "It's the most overused, undeserving word. Too many people think the wrong people are heroes. A soldier ... a scientist ... an astronaut ... those are heroes .... I was good at riding a motorcycle and a pretty good businessman. Not a hero."We're going to have to respectfully disagree on that one, EK. And I've got the scar on my wrist to prove it.

Candidate McDreamy

Imagine you're sitting around one night watching TV and a pollster calls. The nice man wants you to participate in a "blind bio" poll, which means he will describe several potential presidential candidates to you and then ask you which person you'd hypothetically support.

Crime: Cruel and Unusual

The man known as "Fat Dog" can't quite understand why people make a fuss about it. A pit-bull breeder from outside Savannah, Ga., Fat Dog says dogfighting is no bloodier than some of the human combat people watch on cable television every day, on shows like the Ultimate Fighting Championship's "Fight Night." And the matches, though staged in secret, can have the trappings of a conventional sporting event.