Steve Tuttle

Vietnam: Adding to the Wall

NEWSWEEK got an early look at plans for the recently approved Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center in D.C. Among the details: after entering the underground museum through a tunnel, visitors will see a huge video wall with larger-than-life photos of the men and women who died in Vietnam, set to fade in and out on their birthdays.

'They Can Kiss My Ass'

Only one comedian has ever debuted an album in Billboard's Top Ten, and his last name's not Rock or Romano, Carlin or Cosby. He's Dan Whitney, a.k.a. Larry the Cable Guy, 42, the hillbilly comedian Jay Leno calls "the hottest comic in the country."The accolade belongs to a guy whose act is, in his own words, "the dumbest show you ever seen in your whole life." A typical line: "A buddy of mine's kid had sex with his teacher.

Getting Out to the Game

Thirty-four long years have passed since the Senators limped off to Texas to become the Rangers. Now Major League Baseball is finally returning to Washington DC--and the nation's capital is buzzing in anticipation of Thursday's sold-out inaugural home game between the Washington Nationals and the Arizona Diamondbacks.