Steven Levy

Going Your Way

Kate Sydney had never met me, but on the basis of sharing a mutual acquaintance, and knowing what I like for breakfast, she unhesitatingly opened the door of her 1998 Nissan so I could ride to Target with her.

Levy: Death to DRM?

A new deal between Apple and EMI drops restrictive software from their songs, paving the way for better portability of digital music and improved sound quality. So why does it have to cost more?

Levy: Invasion of the Web Amateurs

Andrew keen is not surprised at the latest twist in the ongoing saga of Wikipedia. In his view, the entire Internet movement involving "collective intelligence," "citizen journalism" and "the wisdom of crowds" is a cultural meltdown, an instance of barbarians at civilization's gates.

Law: Changes in Patents May Be Pending

Jon Dudas often hears how the current U.S. patent system is "broken." Dudas, director of the Patent and Trademark Office, hates that term. The process is "the envy of the world," he says. "Brazil, China, other countries, they want to know how we do it."I'll wager, however, that China would be less than delighted to emulate the United States if the consequences included events like the one in a San Diego courtroom last month.

Music: Common Hero

Legend has it that the iconic blues guitarist Robert Johnson was granted his otherworldly chops by Satan himself, at a deal forged at a Mississippi crossroads.

Technology: Valley Of The Gadgets

On the eve of the massive Consumer Electronics Show--a bacchanalia of gizmology, with 140,000 conventioneers packing Las Vegas to visit 2,700 companies spread over several football fields' worth of booths last week--Gary Shapiro sighed when he talked about who wasn't there. "We invite him every year," says the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, which organizes the show. "It would be great to have him here." But in 2007, as in the past, instead of joining an all-star keynote lineup...

Gadgets: Apple Makes A Cool Call

Steve Jobs, shiny object in hand, lays it out for me: "This is five years ahead of what everybody's got." Predicting the future is gamy, but a tour of the iPhone--it's called that pending a trademark dispute with Cisco--makes the claim seem credible.

Everyone's a Star!

Plenty has been said about comedian Michael Richards's racial outburst in a Los Angeles comedy club, but not as much on the speed and thoroughness with which the news spread.