Stuart Taylor Jr.

Kagan's Best Strategy Is Silence

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley says he will press Elena Kagan at her confirmation hearing to be "as forthcoming" about her views of specific issues as she once argued other Supreme Court nominees should be. Many commentators have also called on her to disclose her specific views. But Kagan will not do that. And she should not.

Washington State Fights to Out Antigay Activists

Is signing a petition a public act, like holding up a protest sign, or is it a private decision, like casting a vote? That question is before the Supreme Court next month, in a case that could have far-reaching implications for activism on both the left and right.The controversy began last year when 138,000 Washington state residents signed a petition to repeal benefits for same-sex domestic partners.

Taylor: The President's War Powers

President Bush did not mince words May 1, in announcing his decision to veto the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill. "This legislation is unconstitutional because it purports to direct the conduct of the operations of the war in a way that infringes upon the powers vested in the presidency by the Constitution, including as commander in chief of the armed forces," Bush said.