To Save Pakistan Get the Army Out of Politics

Rather than serve as a bulwark against chaos, the Army has helped destabilize Pakistan. For far too long, the myth that Pakistan's army is the only thing holding the country together—and keeping the terrorists at bay—has held sway in Washington.

Pakistan's Democratic Moment

The United States now has an opportunity to make good on its commitment to democracy in Pakistan. It can start by severing its ties with Musharraf.

Musharraf's Fragile Hold on Power

Pakistani military dictators are not known for leaving office quietly. Each one of the country's dictators has railed angrily and stubbornly against his fate to the bitter end.

India, In A New Light

Suddenly, India is on everyone's mind. Hardly a day passes without some public discussion about jobs being outsourced there, the growing shortage of hotel rooms in Bangalore, Indian firms seeking to buy European competitors or an Indian novelist who has snapped up a hefty advance from an American publisher.