Susanna Schrobsdorff

The Tipping Point

David Sedaris is back with a new collection of essays, "When You Are Engulfed in Flames." He spoke with NEWSWEEK'S Susanna Schrobsdorff. You ' ve been living in France a long time.

Is Economy Facing Widening Credit Squeeze?

Kristin Schantz, a 26-year-old manager for a human-resources company in Kenosha, Wis., got some unpleasant news in the mail last week. In a form letter, Capital One told her the interest rate on her credit card was about to almost double—she'd been bumped up from a fixed 8.9 percent rate to a "variable rate that equals the prime rate plus 6.9 percent"—or about 15.8 percent.

Bush's Body Language in Latin America

What can a staged grip-and-grin picture tell you about international relations?  A lot, says Peter Andersen, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Body Language" (Alpha) and professor of communications at San Diego State University. "The body language of world leaders is reflective of their attitudes either toward the individual or toward the country or the culture," he explains.

Christmas Duty

Mitchell Bell spent last Christmas 7,000 miles from home, at an airbase in Iraq's Anbar province. The Marine pilot did manage to stay in touch with his family, though, sending a DVD of himself reading Dr.