Susanna Schrobsdorff

It's the War, Stupid—And the Youth Vote, And Angry Indies, And…

Democrats may be celebrating their sweep of both the House and the Senate, but they shouldn't rest too comfortably in their new committee chairs. The exit polling data indicates that much of their election edge came from independents and swing voters who could very well swing back again if they're disappointed by Democratic policies.  And while public opinion has moved left on the war in Iraq, most of the country is still divided and voted along staunchly partisan lines according to Gary C.

Skinny Is the New Fat

In a development that appears to challenge both common sense and the laws of nature, there is now a clothing size that is--seriously, people--less than zero.

America the Dangerous?

George Soros has assigned himself a daunting mission. "Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority," he writes in the introduction to his latest book, " The Age of Fallibility " ( PublicAffairs ).

This Week Online

David Goodwillie, author of "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time": It was a defining force. Our lives sped up because of it and because of all the money involved. [The initial boom] was an incredible time to be in your 20s.

Web Master

It has been three years since Joe Trippi turned political campaigning into a cybersport. But already Trippi's time as the manager of Howard Dean's 2004 presidential bid seems like ancient Internet history.

Breaking the Law?

Domestic spying or national security? The debate over whether the government is poking too closely into Americans' lives was inflamed this week following reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) is creating a massive database of millions of phone records—and that three major telecom companies have cooperated in the effort.

This Week Online

June Fletcher, author, "house poor": I'm conservative about home buying. It's an illiquid asset, and you may have to wait out the housing cycle to sell--and they run five to nine years.

This Week Online

Bill Emmott, outgoing editor, The Economist: We are in a kind of clash of civilizations and that is partly because of the mishandling of the last four years by the Bush administration...

An Economy of Words

"The Incompetent versus the Incoherent" is one of those rare headlines that doesn't get stale with age. It was the handiwork of Bill Emmott, the outgoing editor of The Economist in the magazine's famously backhanded endorsement of John Kerry for president over George W.

The Married Male Mind

Are men really commitmentphobes?  Do they ever get enough sex?  What makes them fall for a particular woman, and why do some stray?  Journalist Neil Chethik sets out to answer these questions for perplexed females everywhere in: "VoiceMale—What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework and Commitment" ( Simon & Shuster ).In a national survey of nearly 300 American husbands and in-depth interviews with 70 men in all stages of marriage, Chethik explores what...

This Week Online

Dave Barry, columnist, comedian: I looked around and realized that I was the only person who hadn't written a book about financial advice. And I thought, "Either I write it or Suze Orman was going to have to write her 97th book." Plus, I was running out of topics, so it was this or Sudoku.

Online Excerpt: Monique Nelson

Monique Nelson , Executive Vice President, Web Wise Kids: Kids just don't get it that there are real people beyond the screen--not just their friends. They post private information and they don't understand that a predator could be looking at it and tracking them.

Predator's Playground

In League City, Texas, it would be unusual to make one arrest of a suspected online sexual predator in a month. But in the last two weeks, detectives there have tracked down two men whom they've charged with sexual assault of a minor.

Chick-Flick Cowboys

If you think discussions about "Brokeback Mountain" are winding down, think again. The story of a doomed love affair between two cowboys in 1960s Wyoming has become a surprise commercial success, as well as a critical hit.

Kos-Eye View

With the 2006 election season nearly upon us, Democrats are hoping to win back majority control of at least one house of Congress. Meanwhile Republicans are revving up their legendary campaign machine in an effort to hold on to Capitol Hill.With the stakes so high, both parties will be using every medium available--including the Internet--to raise funds and convey their message.

Style: Get Mizrahi, Avoid Diller

Attention bargain shoppers: you need no longer settle for pleated polyester pants. Big discounters like JCPenney and Wal-Mart have followed Target's lead, recruiting top fashion names or whipping up their own design teams to bring their women's apparel out of the dark ages.

Summer of Dove

Even if you haven't seen Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," you've probably heard about it. The ads promote a new line of skin-firming creams and feature six "regular" women of varying sizes and ethnicities cheerfully posing in plain white underwear.

Copycat Attack

For the second time in two weeks, London was thrown into chaos by a series of bombs. Again, three subway lines and one double-decker bus were targeted. But this time, the explosives were less sophisticated and less powerful.

Attack of the Weasel Words

Watson, once a speechwriter for former Australian prime minister Paul Keating, elicits howls of laughter from audiences simply by reading obtuse corporate-speak from company manuals and school brochures.


No wonder credit card users are feeling paranoid. Just last week, MasterCard announced that thieves had accessed computers at CardSystems Solutions, a credit card processing center in Tuscon, Ariz., exposing up to 40 million credit card numbers to fraudulent use.

Big Gyms are Thinking Small

Joanne Bennett, 34, used to leave her 4-year-old daughter in the babysitting center at her gym while she worked out. But this winter, Bennett thought better of leaving Caitlin to sit for an hour while she was getting fit.