Susannah Meadows

Will He Die Without A Dna Test?

How sure is sure enough? Ricky McGinn is scheduled to die June 1 for the 1993 rape and murder of his 12-year-old stepdaughter. At issue is whether McGinn should be executed before new DNA testing that could prove his guilt or innocence.After a NEWSWEEK article about the case last week and new motions from McGinn's attorneys, Brown County District Court Judge Stephen Ellis recommended that two critical pieces of evidence--a pubic hair and a possible semen stain--should be retested using the...

With A Little Help From His Friends

They are just "friends," George W. Bush and Colin Powell insisted. In the supercharged parlance of politics that means they're not a presidential ticket. What they may be is a future president and his secretary of State.Talk swirled after Powell and Bush appeared together twice last week.


It was all going so well at's launch party at Spago in Beverly Hills: tuna tartare in waffle cones aplenty, enough Wolfgang Puck minipizzas and champagne for all.

All Fired Up

It was a good year for heroes. Next month at the New York Fire Department's Medal Day ceremony, 40 medals will be awarded for valor, rescue and other everyday heroics.

A Brass Icon

Jonah Jones started out, like so many jazzmen before him, as a Louis Armstrong disciple. Playing trumpet for Cab Calloway's band in the 1940s, his style was loud, expressive and swinging--a perfect match for its time.

Filling The Cup

The cat club is home to San Francisco's most energetic partyers. So where better for the city to launch a new testing program to combat the spread of STDs?

Just What Bush Doesn't Need

In an increasingly combative political climate, advisers to George W. Bush worry that the racketeering lawsuit filed by House Democrats against Majority Whip Tom DeLay could spell trouble for the Bush campaign.

Is He A 'Jeb-Come-Lately'?

Florida gov. Jeb Bush was all but invisible throughout most of Elian Gonzalez's 150-day sojourn in south Florida. He never visited the home of Elian's great-uncle Lazaro, and he didn't invite the Miami relatives to Tallahassee.

Al's Best Campaign Asset? Tipper.

Most political pros expect Al Gore to carry Tennessee, the state he represented in the House and Senate for 16 years. But a focus group of Nashville residents convened last week by NEWSWEEK and MSNBC suggests that even among the voters who supposedly know him best, Gore has a lot of work to do between now and November.The group of 14 (seven Gore supporters, five Bush backers and two undecideds) generally admired Gore's personal and family life.

Ballot Or Bust

He's not the reform Party's nominee yet. But Pat Buchanan hopes his efforts to get the party on the ballot in all 50 states will ensure his spot at the top of the ticket.

Checkpoint Checkup

Federal transportation officials are alarmed by reports of security lapses at U.S. airports. A recent study found major loopholes in the personnel screening process that allow convicted felons to get security passes without a fingerprint check.

Step Aside, 'Star Wars'

The Matrix is everywhere," says a character in the film. "It is all around us." No kidding. Its six MTV Movie Award nominations (announced last week) aren't quite as prestigious as the four Oscars it swiped in March, but it's one more sign that, 13 months after it hit theaters, "The Matrix" still has our culture in its grasp.

'Mafiaboy' Gets Nabbed?

It was 3 a.m. when the Canadian Mounties swooped down on a 15-year-old Montreal boy who allegedly contributed to last February's hacker attacks. The kid, allegedly nicknamed "Mafiaboy," was charged with two counts of "mischief" against

Gore Goes To A War Footing

After a brief post-primary lull, the Gore campaign will soon return to attack mode. To beef up the staff, Gore has signed on Mark Fabiani, Clinton's former scandal spinner--a clear signal that he expects an ugly, bare-knuckles election fight. "[The Bush team] will be blistering us from now until November," says a senior Gore adviser. "You want someone who knows how to deal with intense incoming."Fabiani's hiring is just one of several moves by the Gore camp to place itself on a war footing for...

The Life Of The Party

It's true in theater and politics: if you want to know who the major players are, check the program. On April 26 the Republican National Committee will hold Gala 2000, a soft-money fund-raiser and tribute to George W.

Now, Bush Talks The Talk

Say one thing about George W. Bush: he can shift gears. Noting the success of John McCain's Straight Talk Express, GOP strategists begged Bush aides to make their candidate more accessible to the media. "I was one of many who told them you can't hide him the rest of the campaign," says a GOP consultant.

Shooting Match

It hasn't exactly been a banner few weeks for Smith & Wesson. Since the company agreed to impose strict new rules on its dealers, the NRA has branded Smith a traitor, its largest distributor has vowed to stop carrying the line and last week Philadelphia filed suit against Smith & Wesson anyway.

Why Is Lauren Hutton Smiling? Hormones!

Millions of women receive hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) in the form of synthetic estrogen. But new findings raise questions about the practice. Here's what people are saying in the papers, over the airwaves, on the Web and around the water cooler: Real Benefits HRT's a help to menopausal women, easing side effects like hot flashes.

Bush And Mccain: No Free Lunch

This is the season for fence-mending by George W. Bush. So far his record is mixed. He plans to meet this week with a delegation of 12 gay and lesbian leaders, including local members of the Log Cabin Republicans, the top GOP gay group.