Addiction: Sobering Messages, Via Cell Phone

When Tyrone, 41, can't make his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, he relies on something else to help him stay sober: text messages. The daily recovery-themed messages from a company called I Live Inspired remind him to "look to my higher power for guidance, and accept life," he says, quoting a recent dispatch. I Live Inspired is the brainchild of Rob Foster, a 28-year-old former cocaine addict from Virginia who came up with the idea after his second rehab stint in 2006. A friend sent him texts about sobriety every morning as Foster traveled to work "feeling crazy." The messages made him feel less alone, so he started forwarding them to others on the mend. Soon a business was born: $3.95 a month for daily bytes of inspiration sent to any cell phone.So far the start-up has attracted more than 700 subscribers and forged deals to provide nibbles of wisdom from the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. Users can tailor the service to get a recovery message one day, and pearls from the Dalai Lama...

Rahm Emanuel: The Terminator?

It ain't over till it's over. But at some point soon, someone may have to not-so-gently tell Hillary time is up. Enter 'Rahmbo.'

Hillary: What’s in a Name?

Preston Bynum still remembers Hillary Rodham. The former chief of staff for Arkansas Gov. Frank White, Bynum worked on White's campaign to oust a young Bill Clinton from the governor's mansion in 1980, an effort that succeeded in part because voters disapproved of Hillary's decision to keep her maiden name. "White was just very perceptive," Bynum told NEWSWEEK. "He would say, 'Can you believe they're married and she never took his name?' " Bynum said the flap underscored her exoticness in Arkansas. "She was still kind of a hippie," he recalled, adding that her style "just didn't sit well with people."Soon enough, Hillary Rodham was Mrs. Bill Clinton. Governor White's widow, Gay, said she thinks Hillary's curtsy to Arkansas's old-fashioned mores helped Clinton defeat White in their 1982 rematch. "Right after my husband was elected, she pretty much became Hillary Clinton," White said. "It must have been received well." Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton's old friend from Little Rock's Rose...

Clinton Optimistic on TX, OH

Hillary Clinton's campaign feels optimistic going into Tuesday's vote, but has there really been a 'tipping point' for her candidacy?

Clinton Fights for Survival

Hillary Clinton did her best to ignore defeat in Wisconsin. But the pace of her campaign, and stepped-up attacks on her opponent, show that she's in the fight of her political life.

More Guns on Campus?

It was a sickeningly familiar scene. A student-gunman opened fire Thursday during a lecture at Northern Illinois University, killing five and wounding 15 before turning the gun on himself. The deadly spree was the fifth school shooting this week—and a traumatic reminder that for all the efforts to improve campus security nationwide since the massacre at Virginia Tech last year, students and faculty remain disturbingly vulnerable. A nonprofit organization called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus would like to change that. The group, whose 12,000 members nationwide include college students, faculty and parents, champions legislation that would allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons on campus, in the hope that an alert and well-trained citizen could stop a deranged shooter before he or she could do serious damage. According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, 13 states are currently considering some form of "concealed carry" legislation aimed at...