Tim Marcin

Schumer Returns Trump's 'Nasty' Insult After SOTU

"The president was political, divisive, calculating, even nasty at times" said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. "You know, you can't talk about comity and working together and give a speech that's so divisive."

Ingraham Defends Northam, Slams Democrats

Ingraham slammed so-called P.C. Democrats while defending Northam. "In their America, the wall is racist. Deporting illegals is racist. ICE is racist. Century-old monuments, they're racist," she said.

Trump and the Patriots, Explained

Kraft said Trump was "working very hard to serve the best interests of the country," during an appearance on Fox News in the leadup to the Super Bowl.

Trump: 'A Wall Is a Wall'

The president has been promising a border wall for years, and now he is getting firm on the nomenclature.

Stone and Trump, Explained

Stone and Trump have known each other for decades. Stone had long encouraged the former reality TV star to run for president.