ICE Is Trump's 'Army of Hate': California Official

California's lieutenant governor has slammed President Donald Trump's visit to the state Tuesday, which includes a stop at border wall prototypes, and charged that he has turned the nation's Immigration and Customs Enforcement into his "own personal army of hate."

Sherman Alexie Accused of Harassment by 10 Women

"There are women telling the truth about my behavior, and I have no recollection of physically or verbally threatening anybody or their careers. That would be completely out of character," Alexie wrote in an apology.

Stoneman Douglas High Students Return to School

"Imagine getting in a plane crash and having to get back on the same plane again and again and again and being expected to learn and act like nothing's wrong," David Hogg, a senior from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, told NBC News.