Tracy McNicoll

Socialist Showdown

France's next presidential election isn't until 2012, but Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë is already bidding to be the candidate of change. Delanoë claims in a new book ("Audacity") to be both "socialist and liberal." That can be an oxymoron on the French left, where some use "ultraliberal" as a slur for unbridled capitalism.

Sarkozy's Nouveau Style

Re-presidentialization. De-bling-bling-ation. To hear spectators on both sides of the channel tell it, you'd think French President Nicolas Sarkozy's trip to Britain last week was less state visit and more celebrity detox.

France: Another Win for Sarkozy

Was it only six weeks ago that political suspense reigned in Paris cafés? Could conservative Nicolas Sarkozy really win the nation's highest office? People wondered if he might be thwarted by the Socialists' comely comer, Ségolène Royal.

Beyond British Petroleum

The side wall of Hurricane Katrina's eye passed directly over Shell Exploration & Production's Mars Tension Leg Platform, the largest producer in the Gulf of Mexico, battering it with waves 120 feet high and winds of 170mph for four hours.