Veronica Chambers

Star Over Egypt

When a new star steps onstage, you know it, or rather feel it, immediately. It's sort of like love at first sight, but without the consequences. Heather Headley, playing her first leading role in Disney's new Broadway version of "Aida," makes that impact.

Thinking Inside The Box

Duke Ellington, 'The Centennial Editions: The Complete RCA Recordings (1927-1973)' (RCA; 24 discs) An evolving portrait of perhaps the greatest musical mind of the century.

When Baby Makes Tres

It's the question that plagues every bicultural mother-to-be: "If I am Irish-American or Venezuelan-American or Korean-American, what will my child be?" How can a woman ensure that her American-born child feels the connection to a hyphenated heritage as strongly as she does? "Raising Raul: Adventures Raising Myself and My Son" is CNN correspondent Maria Hinojosa's smart, funny take on motherhood in the multicultural millennium.Born in Mexico, raised in Chicago, Hinojosa (who also hosts NPR's...

Mariah On Fire

In the video for her new single, "Heartbreaker," Mariah Carey plays two parts. There's Good Mariah. She has blond hair and wears a pink T shirt. Bad Mariah has dark hair and long, red fingernails.

She Grooves. Will She Go?

It's the day before the Chloe fashion show, but if head designer Stella McCartney is tense, it doesn't show. She dances around to the beat of Busta Rhymes and greets the models with an upbeat "Hello, darling!" Supermodel Amber Valletta strolls in.

Fashion's Naked Truth

It was supposed to be millennium worthy. But last week, when the last fashion model chucked herself down the catwalk at New York's Bryant Park, Fashion Week 1999 was over with hardly a frisson of fabulousness.

She's Got A Mouth On Her

Ruby Wax is outrageous. On her hit BBC television series "Wax Meets," she once accepted an invitation to Sarah Ferguson's home, only to rummage through the duchess's fridge and bedroom drawers.

Macy Gray Makes A Scene

As a child, Macy Gray was so self-conscious about her strange squawk that she rarely spoke. Her voice is high-pitched and girlish, with a subtle rasp that hits you like the tail end of a tequila slammer.

Sex And The Single Girl

Four women walk into a bar. Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie--a careerist, a slut, a romantic and a writer who's a little bit of all three. Four glamorous New Yorkers clad in Gucci and Versace, on the hunt for sex, hoping for love.

A Place They Can Call Home

Every day for three months, Mabel Chambers walked the half mile from her part-time job at a day-care center in Greensboro, N.C., to the dusty lot that would be the Henry and Shirley Frye Retirement Community.

High School Confidential

EARLY IN THE FILM ""CRUEL INTENTIONS,'' one of a spate of eye-opening teen movies due out this spring, a high-school girl offers her stepbrother a wager of interest to all guardians of family values.

Love At First Sight

THE INTUITIONIST by Colson Whitehead (Anchor. $19.95). Whitehead, 29, was looking for a setting for a detective novel when he flipped to a ""20/20'' special on escalators.

Heal Thyself

IT IS EARLY SATURDAY MORNING IN Oakbrook, Ill., and the ballroom at the Marriott hotel is filled to capacity. A thousand people sit quietly listening to a redheaded woman wearing a navy pantsuit and a fuchsia shirt.

High Heels, Low Esteem

RESUME FOR A TV CHARACTER female viewers can identify with: beautiful, smart, successful . . . emotional train wreck. For many women, that relatable mix of professional success and personal mess has made two of this season's breakout shows--""Ally McBeal'' and ""Veronica's Closet''--must-she TV.You may have already met Fox's leggy new role model.