Border Patrol Previously Felt Wall Was Waste Of Money

The National Border Patrol Council has been an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall along the southwest border, going so far as to back a government shutdown in a play to get lawmakers to fund the project.

FOX Affiliate Fires Editor Over Doctored Video of Trump

A clip of the speech aired on Q13, a Seattle-area FOX affiliate, was altered to make it appear that Trump's tongue was lolling out of his mouth between sentences. It also appeared to distort the shape of Trump's face and make his skin appear more orange.

Chicago Seized, Sold 50,000 Cars Over Tickets

The city of Chicago has seized and sold almost 50,000 cars over the past seven years due to unpaid tickets, a practice that has disproportionately affected the city's poor and minority residents, according to a new investigation.

Romney Defends Anti-Trump Op-Ed

Newly sworn-in Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday defended his editorial against President Donald Trump, a scathing attack that won him plaudits from administration opponents but drew the ire of some fellow Republicans.

New Jersey Had Highest Share Of Outbound Moves In 2018

New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut topped a list of states that saw more residents moving out than new arrivals in 2018, continuing a trend of people leaving Northeastern and Midwestern states for growing cities in the Mountain West and South.

Trump Claims He 'Essentially' Fired Mattis

At a White House cabinet meeting Wednesday, Trump criticized Mattis' handling of the Afghanistan war, which he said was "not too good" despite additional funding and manpower commitments.