Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko Denies Corruption

Amid what the West fears as a politically motivated witch hunt, Ukrainian prosecutors have charged former prime minister and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko with misusing about $500 million in state funds. If convicted, she faces prison time and disqualification from future elections. Tymoshenko spoke with NEWSWEEK's William Schreiber about what she describes as a Soviet-style crackdown on opposition.

Poland's Kaczynski on Death Threats and Reform

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski met Barack Obama last week at the White House to discuss the new START treaty as well as economic cooperation. Afterward, at the press conference, Obama mentioned the plane crash in Russia last April that killed President Lech Kaczynski and 95 other members of the Polish elite.

Polish Statue Could Become Cultural Flashpoint

On Sunday, Nov. 21, thousands of tourists and Roman Catholic pilgrims gathered in the small town of Swiebodzin, near Poland's border with Germany. They came to witness the consecration of Christ the King, now officially the world's tallest statue of Jesus—at 167 feet, including the hill it's perched upon, it's a full 42 feet higher than Rio de Janeiro's famous Christ the Redeemer monument.

Q&A With Ukraine's Viktor Yushchenko

Viktor Yushchenko was ousted as president of Ukraine nearly a year ago. NEWSWEEK speaks with him about the recent local elections, his legacy, and Ukraine's strategic relationship with Russia.