Zachary Karabell

We Need to Talk About Death | Opinion

We used to be intimately familiar with death; today we are barely on speaking terms. But as our response to the COVID-10 pandemic shows, it's not because we've grown any more resilient.

Easy Money Is Back

Since the financial meltdown, it's become conventional wisdom that prior to the crisis, the world was awash in too much easy money—and that now it doesn't have enough.

Karabell On The New Unemployment Figures

As the equity markets take another huge step down, it's assumed that American consumers are so shell shocked by their loss of wealth in both homes and stocks that they will continue to hoard what little cash they have.

Dubai: Too Big to Fail

The emirate can do better than survive. Vision got it to where it is, and now vision will carry it through.

The End of the Ownership Society

Remember the ownership society? It was a vision woven by President George W. Bush when he was running for re-election in 2004, which saw every American family in a home, and a government that stayed out of the way of the American Dream.

So Much for Bush's 'Ownership Society'

Remember the ownership society? President George W. Bush championed the concept when he was running for re-election in 2004, envisioning a world in which every American family owned a house and a stock portfolio, and government stayed out of the way of the American Dream.These families were, of course, conservative, or at a minimum traditional and nuclear, consisting of a heterosexual married couple and at least two kids living in a stand-alone home with a yard, a car or two and a multimedia...

It's A Small World After All

These models assume that different markets don't move in sync with each other. But that's no longer the case.

What's In After Greed?

American culture at the end of 2002 is adrift. As quickly as the New Economy rose, it fell, leaving America rudderless once again. In the 1970s, after the seeming failure of big government to improve people's lives, it took several years for the free-market ethos of the 1980s to assert itself.

The Battle Of The Experts

New crises produce new experts. A high-profile trial means that we'll see defense attorneys and prosecutors airing their differences on CNN. An election logjam means we'll hear from political consultants and campaign reporters.

Misunderstanding Islam

In the wake of September 11, the reading interests of the American public have changed. To a lesser extent, so have the interests of readers throughout the Western world.

The True Face Of Islam

Islam may be one of the world's most important religions, but in the West, at least, it has an image problem. Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in the West Bank, fundamentalist violence in Indonesia, the "mullocracy" of Iran, all are seen as representative of the rage that is Islam.