Zachary Kussin

Low-Cost Health Care Available for Artists

Katherine Edmonson, a singer and songwriter in Austin, Texas, is finding her career on the upswing. Previously, she played regular gigs in bars and restaurants around Austin, but she has graduated to playing shows at music venues and theater spaces throughout the city. But even as she finds more success, she's still trying to make ends meet.

Does Street Art Belong in a Gallery?

São Paulo's Choque Cultural Gallery prides itself on exhibiting works of pop art, photography, and sculpture by Brazil's top contemporary artists. But its current exhibit, Coletiva Choque, featuring works by the artists Zezão, Jaca, and Presto, looks like it'd be more at home on the walls of a favela.

See Paintings Without Ever Leaving the Hotel

It used to be that a hotel was simply a place to stay to recover from a tiring day of museum-hopping. But a number of hotels offer spectacular indoor gallery space of their own for displaying surprising collections of works that can include everything from old masters to avant-garde sculpture.Hong Kong's Langham Place hotel owns a collection of more than 1,500 pieces, all created by artists from China and spread throughout the hotel by theme.

Personalized Eyewear: Seeing Is Believing

Just when you thought the personalization trend in fashion couldn't go any further, bespoke eyewear craftsmen are coming up with glasses made to fit clients' distinctive facial features, proportions and skin complexion.Nader Zadi's impressive collection starts with vintage frames crafted in the early to mid-20th century; clients choose from rimless, semi-rimless and full frames, shaped or tinted lenses, bridges and nose rests made entirely of solid yellow, white or rose gold (starting at $750)...