Teacher 'Trying to Text Herself' Accidentally Sends Expletive-Filled Complaint About Student with Autism to Parent

A mother from Texas said she received expletive-filled messages from her son's teacher about his behavior.

Tiffany Lynn Elfstrom said she was on the phone with her teenage son's teacher at Levi Fry Intermediate School in Texas City when she began to receive text messages from her about her son's behavior, The Fresno Bee reported.

The teacher called her son a "lil mother f---er" and said she wanted to "pull her hair out" because "he wants to go home," according to the text messages Elfstrom posted on Facebook on Monday.

"While on the phone with her, I received a few text messages. I open the text and this is what I see. I have went to the school and spoke with the assistant principal. I also received a phone call from the Principal. She assured me that she is taking proper procedure and her bosses know of the situation," Elfstrom wrote.

"I just want to cry because I have put my most precious possession in this teacher's hands this whole school year. To see this is how she thinks and feels for and about autistic children…" Elfstrom continued.

Elfstrom's 13-year-old son, Jayden, has autism, ADHD and bipolar disorder, she told KPRC. Elfstrom said the teacher was trying to text herself and did not intentionally send the texts to her.

"She told me that she was trying to text herself. Now, I'm not tech savvy or smart, but I'm not tech stupid either," Elfstrom said.

The mother told Newsweek that the reason her son acted out was because Jayden is on a new medication, which tends to make him sleepy. The teacher slammed a hole puncher on his desk while he slept to wake him up and scared him.

"He does not want to go back to school, but he has to go back to pass this year," Elfstrom said.

The Texas City Independent School District sent a statement to KPRC, confirming that the teacher did not mean to send the texts to the parent and is no longer a teacher in the school district.

"The teacher admitted to sending the text but did not intend to send it to the parent," it stated. "No matter her intention, the text is highly inappropriate and does not represent the character of people we want teaching our students. She was immediately removed from the classroom. We investigated the incident and she no longer has a contract with our district."

This story was updated to include a comment from Tiffany Lynn Elfstrom.