Crowning the Rulers of the Road:

Newsweek Automotive Consumer Awards 


The Newsweek Automotive Consumer Awards recognize America’s favorite vehicle brands. The survey, a collaboration between Newsweek and TechnoMetrica, ranks automotive brands that consumers most want to buy and those they are currently driving most often. We also assessed brand loyalty—when a consumer’s most desired vehicle brand is also the brand the person drives the most.

The results are based on responses from approximately 10,000 live telephone interviews conducted by TechnoMetrica over a 12-month period. The data were weighted by age, gender, region and race according to the latest U.S. Census figures.

For more information regarding this survey, visit the methodology page.

Most Desired Vehicle Brand
Most Desired Luxury Vehicle Brand
Most Desired American Vehicle Brand
Most Desired Vehicle Brand - Millennials
Most Desired Vehicle Brand - Gen X's
Most Driven Vehicle Brand
Most Driven Luxury Vehicle Brand
Most Driven Compact Vehicle Brand
Most Driven Mid Size Vehicle Brand
Most Driven Full Size Vehicle Brand
Most Driven Minivan Brand
Most Driven Pickup Brand
Most Driven Small SUV Brand
Most Driven Large SUV Brand
Best in Brand Loyalty
Best in Brand Loyalty (American)
Best in Brand Loyalty (Luxury)
Best Automotive Brand (Overall)
Best Brand (American)
Best Brand (Luxury)