Autopsy Worker Tragically Reveals What Happens to a Baby When a Pregnant Woman Dies

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but it's a double tragedy when a pregnant woman and her baby pass away together.

An autopsy worker has revealed exactly what happens to a baby when a mom-to-be sadly dies, with people admitting they've been moved to tears.

Autopsy tech, G Dubya, has been uploading a series of informative videos to TikTok, sharing details from suturing your mouth shut after you die, to putting in spiked contacts to ensure your eyes don't open.

Dubya uploaded a touching clip on Saturday, entitled: "Pregnant autopsy? I put the baby in mom's arms."

Dubya, who lists his address as Little Rock, Arkansas, went into further detail, saying: "When I autopsy a pregnant lady, I've autopsied four, we remove the baby, we collect DNA, we get a little blood swatch, and then when the autopsy is done on mom, put mom back in the bag and then we put the baby in mom's arms.

"It's up to the funeral home and the family if, what the family wants. If the family wants the baby back in the belly, or if they want the baby embalmed in the casket with mom. But it's up to the funeral home. I just put it in the arms."

Dubya was responding to a question posed to him by a follower, EmmaDavy123, who asked: "Question. When someone is early pregnant do you put the baby back in tummy or separate them when both pass away."

The video, which can be viewed here, has been watched more than eight million times, as people admitted they shed a tear.

Commenting on the video, Galaxy Girl said: "That's the most morbid but sweet thing I've heard."

Becka wrote: "Oh my gosh. That is heartbreaking & heartwarming all in one."

"Omg I've never thought of that. This is so bad blessings to you, to allow mama to hold her baby."


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Keilamiraz30 said: "As a mom that is the best answer ever."

While Meghan admitted: "Not me here bawling. Thank you for this. God bless you."

"Well this just broke my heart," Laura added.

In another popular video, shared on Sunday, Dubya revealed how skull incisions are hidden in open caskets, saying: "So when I do an autopsy as an autopsy tech, I take the scalpel and I cut from the top of the ear all the way to the other side, and then I reflect your scalp back, To expose your cranial skull cap.

"I use a bone saw and cut the top of your skull off to remove your brain. So when you go to the funeral home the embalmer will glue your skull cap, skull piece back on or use clamps. And then they'll pull the scalp back down and do a baseball stitch. It's real tight so it won't leak, all the way across from ear to ear.

"And then they hide the incision in the casket in the pillow. So the pillow covers the incision."

Newsweek reached out to Dubya for comment.

File photo of an autopsy.
An autopsy has tragically revealed what happens to a baby when a pregnant woman dies. This is a file photo of an autopsy subject. fergregory/Getty Images