What If Those ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Deaths Are for Real?

The Avengers: Infinity War ending left fans with all the feels--crying, angry, dumbfounded, and speechless are just a few. But will these deaths last beyond Avengers 4? That’s the question of the year, especially in regards to the  Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 lineup. Spoilers starting now.

avengers infinity war spoilers who dies death list Spiderman Peter Parker vision death scene black panther doctor strange the wasp Yup, you guessed it. There are most certainly spoilers in this article. Marvel

A lot of people died in Avengers: Infinity War, but a few deaths could have more serious repercussions than others: Black Panther, Spider-Man and Star-Lord (even though he deserves a time-out). After Avengers 4 is Marvel’s Phase 4, which includes a second Spider-Man movie, a Black Panther sequel, and another Guardians of the Galaxy to complete the trilogy. However, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely don’t seem too worried. When Buzzfeed got the scoop on that tragic ending, Markus gave some really cold advice to heartbroken fans.

“[Avengers 4 ] doesn’t do what you think it does,” said Markus. “It is a different movie than you think it is.” Then he paused. “Also…[the deaths are] real. I just want to tell you it’s real, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to move on to the next stage of grief.”

“We would do it all over again,” McFeely added. “But remember, when we’re writing [Infinity War], and even shooting, there is no Black Panther movie. We don’t know it’s going to be so good, so effective, so resonant. And we had to treat all these characters the same.”

Markus said he wanted to do more than kill off supporting cast and approached the writing process without considering the fans who know what’s coming after Avengers 4.

“We can’t make movies assuming you know how movies get made,” McFeely added. “We can just tell the best version of the story we can, and hopefully you are investing in that story while you’re in it, and you feel appropriate sadness or joy while you’re in it. We can’t account for having one step outside the movie theater while you’re watching it. We would be terrible storytellers if we did that.”

Characters who were being killed off in Infinity War got more screen time. Characters who would remain for Avengers 4 got less, Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff in particular. “It's about the story we wanted to tell in movie two, mostly,” McFeely said.

“We’re going to own these choices, and hopefully surprise and delight you and get you invested,” he continued. “It’s by the same studio, the same filmmaking team. They were written at the same time, shot at the same time. They’re clearly connected, but they are definitely two different movies, one of which is dependent on what happened previously.”

Walking out of the theater after the Infinity War ending, it seemed like a given not everyone who turned to dust would stay that way. A number of fan theories speculate how this could happen, but the screenwriters suggest otherwise. So if these deaths are permanent, how could the franchise move forward in Phase 4? Well, fans have been talking about this, too. If true, it would be a bold move, and it would mean a lot when it comes to inclusion in comic books.

Fans fell in love with Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of Black Panther, but there’s another fan-favorite who can take the mantle. Source material agrees. Shuri became Black Panther in the comic books, and there’s no reason she couldn’t do the same in the Black Panther sequel. It's unclear how much time has passed between Infinity War and Avengers 4, but Shuri could fill the role until T’Challa is revived.

There’s also a workaround for Spider-Man. Remember Donald Glover’s cameo in Homecoming? Well, it was more than a star-studded appearance. He’s the uncle of Miles Morales, a second version of Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. The character has his own animated series, and is getting his own video game soon. Why not make Miles the new Spider-Man? It’s far-fetched, especially considering Tom Holland is amazing and it’s hard to picture him gone (same goes for Boseman). However, McFeely and Markus have proved they are willing to do the unthinkable, and these changes would blow our minds.

As for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, losing Star-Lord is a harder sell. Only Rocket is left ...and Nebula, but she’s more of a rebel with a cause. There’s no “I” in team. At this point, fans might be happier if Groot comes back over Star-Lord, since he screwed up the plan to steal the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s also important to note that even if the people turned to dust come back, it doesn’t mean they stay alive. Thanos is a force to be reckoned with even without all the stones. Everyone is fair game.

Would you be upset if Star-Lord, Black Panther and Spider-Man stayed dead? Let us know in the comments.

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