'Avenue 5' on HBO Ending Explained: What Happened and What it Means for Season 2

As viewers who have watched up to Avenue 5 Episode 9 may have expected, the crew's plan to jettison enough weight to allow them to return home went about as badly as it could, with the space cruise ship now eight years off course. This is bad news for the passengers of Avenue 5, but great news for viewers of the HBO comedy, as it promises many more seasons of the show after Season 2, which has already been confirmed.

Most of Avenue 5 Episode 9, titled "Eight Arms But No Hands" after one of Matt's (Zach Woods) strange thoughts, dealt with the build up to the jettisoning of the excess weight out of the airlock. However, first the crew has to find Matt, who has hidden and changed the airlock codes following the deaths of the seven passengers who jumped out of the airlock in the previous episode.

They eventually find him, however, and he reveals the code is 0005, with his characteristically skewed thinking being that anyone thinking rationally would be able to work it out, but not anyone thinking irrationally about ending it all.

Meanwhile, Rav (Nikki Amuka-Bird) has finally come on a supply shuttle to the ship—a shuttle that can take two people back to Earth, leading to fighting among the crew over who gets to go home.

avenue 5 ending explained
The ending of 'Avenue 5' set itself up for Season 2 (and eight more years) HBO

Among the characters who nearly end up on the ship are: Judd (Josh Gadd), who gets off when he realises how much everyone on Earth hates him for considering throwing dozens of passengers out of the airlock to lessen the weight of the ship; comedian Jordan (Himesh Patel), who wants to persue an acting career on Earth and get away from years of bombing on stage; Doug (Kyle Bornheimer) and Mia (Jessica St. Clair); Captain Clark (Hugh Laurie), who nearly leaves until he realises he is the only one who can steer the ship; and Iris (Suzy Nakamura), who ends up being in the ship when it leaves Avenue 5 after getting trapped on there trying to get Jordan off and Judd on so he can face the PR nightmare on Earth.

The plan had been to jettison the excess weight from the back of the ship to cut down the ship's travel time to six months, but Karen (Rebecca Front) decided to jettison it out of the port side as there were more airlocks there, despite Clark's sound advice that, You've gotta s*** out of the back of the ship — this is basic s***ing!"

This actually puts them even more off course, extending the journey to eight years and continuing the run of Avenue 5 the show.

Though things have been pretty bad so far for the passengers of the ship, who let's not forget are being orbited by their own excretions and the dead bodies of former crew members, things are likely to get worse in Season 2 as resources gets scarcer on the ship and people begin to grow even more tired with being trapped with each other.

Season 2 of Avenue 5 may also explore more of the Earth operation to bring the ship back now that fan favorite Iris is heading back there.

Avenue 5 is streaming now on HBO Go and HBO Now.