Awesome Games Done Quick 2022: Start Time, How To Watch and Livestream Full Schedule

Awesome Games Done Quick starts this weekend, with a non-stop livestream taking place over the course of a busy week.

If you are not familiar with these marathons, they are semi-annual events that take place in January and alternating months in summer. Broadcast entirely on Twitch, they're an opportunity for expert speedrunners to demonstrate their encyclopaedic knowledge of certain titles by completing them extraordinarily fast.

In order to shave off as many seconds as possible from their posted times, these extremely committed players will often learn their chosen games inside out. They will get to know the optimal routes to take around levels, how to exploit glitches that can skip them ahead in the story, and if there are any bugs that can accelerate a given character's movement.

Becoming a successful speedrunner therefore requires a great deal of discipline and patience, which is why it has become a popular activity to spectate on platforms like Twitch. Awesome Games Done Quick taps into this zeitgeist by lining up a bunch of consecutive speedruns that are livestreamed for a full week. What's more, it's all done in the name of charity.

While the summer version of Games Done Quick typically raises money for Doctors Without Borders, the January iteration is always dedicated to supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This will be the case again for the 2022 marathon, with a donation link being hosted at the Games Done Quick website.

To clarify, the organizers do not take a cent from this, as one hundred percent of the contributions go directly to the charity in question. For example, last year's Awesome Games Done Quick managed to raise $2.7 million in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

When Is the Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Marathon and How To Watch

Awesome Games Done Quick Marathon
Image shows speedrunners playing games during the January 2020 Awesome Games Done Quick marathon. The 2022 iteration will once again be raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Games Done Quick

The upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick marathon starts at 11:30 a.m. ET on Sunday, January 9.

From that point onwards, there will be a non-stop livestream that features consecutive speedruns of games like Psychonauts 2, Kena; Bridge of Spirits, Deathloop and even a blindfolded attempt at the notoriously difficult Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The event will then culminate at 12:13 a.m. on Sunday, January 16 with a finale broadcast.

You can tune in at any point during this seven-day period to watch the speedrunners doing their thing. The livestream will be hosted on the Games Done Quick website and their official Twitch channel.

If you miss any individual part of the broadcast, then you will still be able to watch each one later as separate videos when they are uploaded to the Games Done Quick YouTube page.

Awesome Games Done Quick January 2022 Full Schedule

Newsweek has broken down the full schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick below, with the target times that the speedrunners are aiming for in each instance.

Sunday, January 9

Start TimeGameTarget Time
11:30 a.m. ETPre-ShowN/A
12 p.m. ETNioh 21 hour 35 minutes
1:47 p.m. ETMetroid Prime Hunters (All Items)1 hour 30 minutes
3:39 p.m. ETDonkey Kong Country 248 minutes
4:49 p.m. ETDeathloop25 minutes
5:16 p.m. ETAxiom Verge 213 minutes
5:41 p.m. ETMega Man 232 minutes
6:25 p.m. ETMetal Gear Solid 2: Substance (Blindfolded)15 minutes
6:52 p.m. ETDeath's Door1 hour 15 minutes
8:19 p.m. ETMarvel's Spider-Man Remastered38 minutes
9:09 p.m. ETThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons1 hour 45 minutes
11:06 p.m. ETDaily RecapN/A
11:21 p.m. ETDead Space 21 hour 20 minutes

Monday, January 10

Start TimeGameTarget Time
12:53 a.m. ETSamurai Jack: Battle Through Time45 minutes
1:48 a.m. ETRITE30 minutes
2:28 a.m. ETMail Mole1 hour 5 minutes
3:43 a.m. ETAntichamber30 minutes
4:23 a.m. ETJudge Dredd35 minutes
5:08 a.m. ETBust-A-Move 4 (Normal)30 minutes
5:53 a.m. ETActRaiser24 minutes
6:27 a.m. ETBeyond Oasis50 minutes
7:27 a.m. ETGunstar Heroes45 minutes
8:22 a.m. ETEnvironmental Station Alpha (Surface Ending)30 minutes
9:02 a.m. ETSpyro: Attack of the Rhynocs23 minutes
9:35 a.m. ETPart Time UFO30 minutes
10:15 a.m. ETKirby's Dream Land 31 hour 10 minutes
11:35 a.m. ETKena: Bridge of Spirits35 minutes
12:20 p.m. ETChicory: A Colorful Tale (All Bosses and Trials)35 minutes
1:05 p.m. ETCrash Team Racing (No Major Glitches)1 hour 5 minutes
2:20 p.m. ETWebbed25 minutes
2:55 p.m. ETMega Man X450 minutes
3:55 p.m. ETPsychonauts 21 hour 45 minutes
5:55 p.m. ETSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Mania48 minutes
7:01 p.m. ETOri and the Blind Forest50 minutes
8:11 p.m. ETSuper Mario Galaxy (Luigi Race)2 hours 35 minutes
10:56 p.m. ETDaily RecapN/A
11:11 p.m. ETPumpkin Jack1 hour 15 minutes

Tuesday, January 11

Start TimeGameTarget Time
12:36 a.m. ETHitman: Codename 4740 minutes
1:26 a.m. ETSerious Sam 41 hour 13 minutes
2:49 a.m. ETMarathon Durandal43 minutes
3:42 a.m. ETBeast Wars: Transformers27 minutes
4:19 a.m. ETMetal Warriors22 minutes
4:51 a.m. ETAstalon: Tears of the Earth57 minutes
5:58 a.m. ETWillow1 hour
7:18 a.m. ETKyoryu Sentai Zyuranger8 minutes
7:36 a.m. ETBucky O'Hare28 minutes
8:14 a.m. ETGargoyle's Quest II32 minutes
8:56 a.m. ETSpacegulls9 minutes
9:20 a.m. ETThe Krion Conquest20 minutes
9:50 a.m. ETFinal Fantasy XIII5 hours
3:05 p.m. ETNier Automata1 hour 30 minutes
4:45 p.m. ETRatchet & Clank (2002)23 minutes
5:18 p.m. ETRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart (New Game Plus)1 hour 35 minutes
7:08 p.m. ETFinal Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade52 minutes
8:10 p.m. ETReturnal1 hour 6 minutes
9:26 p.m ETDaily RecapN/A
9:41 p.m. ETDead Rising40 minutes
10:41 p.m. ETTormented Souls1 hour 18 minutes
11:45 p.m. ETFAITH: Chapter II (Ending 3)30 minutes

Wednesday, January 12

Start TimeGame Target Time
12:29 a.m. ETPAON-ぱおん- BEYOND THE PIEN20 minutes
12:59 a.m. ETEternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem1 hour 45 minutes
2:54 a.m. ETKuon40 minutes
3:44 a.m. ETThree Dirty Dwarves55 minutes
4:49 a.m. ETWe Love Katamari1 hour
5:59 a.m. ETThe Typing of the Dead35 minutes
6:49 a.m. ETTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (Hard)26 minutes
7:25 a.m. ETSNOLF 040 minutes
8:15 a.m. ETSonic R17 minutes
8:42 a.m. ETSonic Robo Blast 230 minutes
9:27 a.m. ETSonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II50 minutes
10:27 a.m. ETSonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Sonic's Story)34 minutes
11:11 a.m. ETPokemon Crystal Key Item Randomizer2 hours 45 minutes
2:06 p.m. ETSlay the Spire50 minutes
3:16 p.m. ETGeoGuessr1 hour
4:26 p.m. ETShootMania Storm29 minutes
5:05 p.m. ETTrackmania (Community Maps Showcase)1 hour
6:25 p.m. ETRocket League (Workshop Showcase)58 minutes
7:33 p.m. ETRisk of Rain 212 minutes
7:55 p.m. ETHalo 5: Guardians (Legendary)1 hour 37 minutes
9:47 p.m. ETDaily RecapN/A
10:02 p.m. ETDiddy Kong Racing26 minutes
10:38 p.m. ETSplatoon 2 (New Game Plus)1 hour 8 minutes
11:56 p.m. ET3DS Zelda Game Bidwar40 minutes

Thursday, January 13

Start TimeGameTarget Time
12:46 a.m. ETZelda's Adventure1 hour 24 minutes
2:20 a.m. ETGarshasp: The Monster Slayer37 minutes
3:07 a.m. ETTaz-Mania11 minutes
3:28 a.m. ETMeegah Mem II33 minutes
4:11 a.m. ETCaptain Novolin10 minutes
4:31 a.m. ETThe Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness15 minutes
5:01 a.m. ETDarkman14 minutes
5:25 a.m. ETSonic Jam26 minutes
6:11 a.m. ETZadette37 minutes
6:58 a.m. ETCranked Up12 minutes
7:20 a.m. ETDiscworld25 minutes
7:55 a.m. ETCastlevania: Lament of Innocence55 minutes
9:05 a.m. ETCastlevania: Dracula X24 minutes
9:39 a.m. ETCastlevania: Circle of the Moon36 minutes
10:25 a.m. ETCastlevania Chronicles26 minutes
11:01 a.m. ETHalf-Life 21 hour 5 minutes
12:16 p.m. ETKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes1 hour 12 minutes
1:38 p.m. ETLost Judgment3 hours
4:58 p.m. ETKingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD3 hours 15 minutes
8:23 p.m. ETResident Evil Village (Glitchless)2 hours 10 minutes
10:43 p.m. ETDaily RecapN/A
10:58 p.m. ETCrossbeats REV. Sunrise1 hour 12 minutes

Friday, January 14

Start TimeGameTarget Time
12:20 a.m. ETYnglet22 minutes
12:57 a.m. ETIt Takes Two2 hours
3:07 a.m. ETMarble It Up!38 minutes
3:55 a.m. ETThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (No Dragonfire Skip)35 minutes
4:40 a.m. ETStardew Valley20 minutes
5:15 a.m. ETI am Bread10 minutes
5:35 a.m. ETOatmeal10 minutes
6 a.m. ETUltraman Ball15 minutes
6:25 a.m. ETWave Break20 minutes
7 a.m. ETSYNTHETIK15 minutes
7:25 a.m. ETRockman & Forte38 minutes
8:13 a.m. ETJourney19 minutes
8:47 a.m. ETYu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories3 hours 10 minutes
12:07 p.m. ETPortal Reloaded20 minutes
12:47 p.m. ETDark Souls (All bosses)1 hour 25 minutes
2:17 p.m. ETSuper Mario 3D Land1 hour 11 minutes
3:48 p.m. ETPokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire3 hours 15 minutes
7:13 p.m. ETStepMania/NotITG1 hour 15 minutes
9:18 p.m. ETDaily RecapN/A
9:33 p.m. ETHades (All weapons race)2 hours 7 minutes
11:50 p.m. ETUncharted 2: Among Thieves1 hour 30 minutes

Saturday, January 15

Start TimeGameTarget Time
:30 a.m. ETWario Land: Shake It!1 hour 30 minutes
3:10 a.m. ETSpider-Man 21 hour 1 minute
4:21 a.m. ETDonut County35 minutes
5:06 a.m. ETTetris Attack12 minutes
5:28 a.m. ETBlazing Chrome30 minutes
6:08 a.m. ETBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R38 minutes
7:06 a.m. ETTMNT: Out of the Shadows (New Game Plus)1 hour
8:16 a.m. ETThe Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (GBA)28 minutes
8:54 a.m. ETCasio Mario World40 minutes
9:44 a.m. ETSpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom55 minutes
10:49 a.m. ETSubnautica55 minutes
11:59 a.m. ETEarthBound1 hour
1:14 p.m. ETFallout: New Vegas (All unique weapons)55 minutes
2:24 p.m. ETHalo: Combat Evolved (Legendary Difficulty)1 hour 17 minutes
3:56 p.m. ETThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (No Exploration Glitch)58 minutes
5:24 p.m. ETTetris: The Grand Master (Race)15 minutes
5:54 p.m. ETSekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Blindfolded)2 hours 45 minutes
8:54 p.m. ETDeltarune (Chapter 2)1 hour 10 minutes
10:19 p.m. ETEvent RecapN/A
10:34 p.m. ETMetal Gear Solid (All Bosses, Extreme)1 hour 29 minutes

Sunday, January 16

Start TimeGameTarget Time
12:13 a.m. ETFinaleN/A

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