Baby's Adorable Reaction to Trying Pizza for First Time Goes Viral

Pizza is one of the nation's best-loved foods—and rightly so. There is nothing more delicious than a cheesy, greasy slice and if one TikTok video is anything to go by, you are never too young to appreciate this fact.

In a clip shared by an account called Oh_shoot_girl, we can see a baby girl sitting in a high chair at the kitchen table.

A hand reaches into shot to offer a slice of pizza to the young child, who is nattily dressed in a pink sweater and matching bib.

The baby takes a bite and begins to chew, her eyes rolling back in her head in near ecstasy as she relishes the mouthful of pizza.

Text overlaying the footage, which has been watched more than 29 million times, reads: "Baby's first bite of pizza..."

The adorable video, which can be viewed here, is captioned: "Same girl, same. #firstbite #fyp #pizzababy."

Oh_shoot_girl's clip was only posted on December 22 and has already been liked 6 million times.

The cuteness overload has also attracted more than 69,000 comments.

One TikTok user, Queenjzm, joked: "Me eating when I'm drunk," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

Another viewer, LITFRANK, wrote: "Me after that first sip a coffee in the morning

BelshyBoo admitted: "Me. After a few drinks with ANY food lol."

Bankroll posted: "This really how I feel about pizza."

Riley & Mommy typed: "Me every single time!! Pizza = happiness."

Cali Scene asked: "How did someone get a video of me eating pizza."

Nessababe7 revealed: "That is exactly what eating pizza feels like from the soul."

The Journey explained: "28 years later and I am still making this face when I eat pizza."

Liviy posted: "I'm crying at this! It was her first bit of heaven."

Earlier this month, a clip of another young child experiencing something for the first time went viral on TikTok, quickly racking up more than 1.5 million views.

In the clip, shared by an account called Elihuslena, a toddler is introduced to a large fluffy dog, who is being held on a leash.

The sweet video shows the youngster bouncing about with joy and clapping his hands, before lowering himself to the ground to greet the dog at eye level.

Text overlaying the footage reads: "14 month old seeing a dog for 1st time."

Thousands of comments have been left on the cute clip, including one from actor Kevin Bacon, who wrote simply: "Honestly I get it."

Baby in high chair
Stock image of a baby in a high chair. On TikTok a small child was filmed trying pizza for the first time and really, really liking it. iStock

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