Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight After Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

Airplane journeys are typically uneventful. Usually they are spent sleeping, reading or perhaps watching a film. However, for one woman a Delta flight will be forever etched on her memory as it was where gave birth to a surprise baby.

The incredible scene happened above the Pacific Ocean on a journey from Salt Lake City, Utah to Hawaii, and was captured by TikTok user Julia Hansen in a video posted April 30.

Sharing footage to the social media app, Hansen says: "A baby was just born on this plane."

After this we can hear the captain announcing: "As most of you have probably heard, we just had a child birth on the aircraft"

He then added: "Nice round of applause for the mother."

The whole plane then begins clapping, before the new mom is assisted down the aisle in a wheelchair as the infant can be heard crying.

The video has since gone viral, having been viewed over 14.1 million times, and garnering over three million likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the amazing birth.

One person, The Cat Queen, joked: "you could say he was... airborne."


It’s the ‘baby being born while we’re above the Pacific Ocean’ for me

♬ original sound - Julia Hansen

A second TikTok user, Chris Klemens, wrote: "The only time a name like Jet, Cloud or Sky is acceptable."

A flight attendant called Caroline commented: "Me in flight attendant training wondering why they're training us on this situation that'll never happen vs me watching this."

A fourth, known as Annika, added that the birthplace may cause confusion when trying to map an astrological chart further down the line.

She wrote: "The child when it wants to find out where she was born, to find out her chart; somewhere over the Pacific Ocean."

Many wondered how the heavily-pregnant woman had been allowed to board the flight in the first place.

To answer this question Hansen made a follow up video, explaining: "She had no idea she was pregnant, she actually had no idea.

"I ended up being seated right next to her parents on the flight and her dad told me himself it was a complete surprise pregnancy to everyone. "She had no idea, she wouldn't have got on the plane if she had known."


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♬ original sound - Julia Hansen

On their website Delta Airlines explain that they do not stop people eight months pregnant or more from flying, but do recommend such passengers consult their doctor.

They state: "At Delta, we don't impose restrictions on flying if you're pregnant and don't require a medical certificate for you to travel.

"If you're traveling after your eighth month, it's a good idea to check with your doctor to be sure travel is not restricted.

"Keep in mind when booking, ticket change fees and penalties cannot be waived for pregnancy."

Baby asleep on airplane
A stock image of a baby asleep on an airplane. On the Delta flight a mother gave birth despite not knowing she was pregnant. yaoinlove/Getty Images