Baby Found Dead, Two More Children and Adult Missing After Raft Capsizes in Rio Grande at Texas Border

A raft carrying carrying nine people across the Rio Grande overturned, and one baby is dead, and two children and one adult are missing, according to border patrol.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection's (CBP) Del Rio Division said a 10-month-old baby was found dead, and two boys—6- and 7-years old—and an adult man are still missing from the capsize, which comes one day after President Donald Trump requested an additional $4.5 billion more for border protection.

"What we're dealing with now is senseless tragedy," Del Rio sector CBP chief Raul L. Ortiz said in this NBC report. "The men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol have been doing everything in their power to prevent incidents like this. And yet, callous smugglers continue to imperil the lives of migrants for financial gain."

Border patrol agents first learned of the overturned raft when they detained a man for allegedly entering the country illegally. Migrants who don't want to cross the U.S.-Mexico border by land, whether through legal points or doing so illegally, often construct shoddy, makeshift rafts to cross the Rio Grande, which can get choppy, like Wednesday night when the incoming immigrants overturned.

The man detained Wednesday night by CBP said his child and nephew had been swept away by the Grande's currents, along with another child and an adult.

Border agents found the 10-month-old a few miles down the Rio Grande, according to NBC, and CBP rescued a woman and an older child from muddy waters after they heard them screaming for help.

The number of water rescues in the Rio Grande keep growing. Just last year, border patrol responded to 4,300 emergency calls. Last year's death toll in border crossings—including water crossings—was 283, which is still far short of the 492 who perished in 2005.

Wednesday night's rescue and subsequent death and missing persons follow last week when 10 people were rescued from a sinking raft in almost the same location.

The latest border crossing deaths, and the death of an immigrant teenager in a Texas hospital on Wednesday, come on the heels of Trump asking for money for a border barrier, in which Democrats have repeatedly declined. The U.S. government went into a budget shutdown in late 2018 to early 2019 over the border wall issue.

NBC reported that Trump's recent $4.5 billion request wouldn't go toward border wall funding.