6-Month-Old Baby Killed in Gun Battle on Streets of Atlanta

A six-month-old baby was shot dead after being caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Atlanta.

The shooting took place near a convenience store and a school in the Dixie Hills neighborhood in northwest Atlanta on Monday afternoon.

Grayson Matthew's mother told WSB-TV that she was driving along Anderson Avenue when she got between a gunfight involving people in two cars. She said a bullet traveled into the back of her car and hit her son.

At the news conference at the scene, Atlanta police chief Rodney Bryant said officers were called to the shooting at around 3 p.m.

The boy was "riding down the street" in a car and became the victim of random gun violence, Bryant said. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died.

At the news conference, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens noted that there had already been a dozen murders in Atlanta so far this year, all but one due to gun violence.

He said the six-month-old was the third child under the age of six who had been shot this year and the second to die.

City of Atlanta Police Department was live.

"I want the family of this innocent six-month-old child to know that we care," he said. "These children are bearing the burden and the pain of adults who are choosing to use guns to solve disputes. The children are bearing this burden with their lives."

He added: "I'm demanding that it stop. We're gonna put an end to it... this hurts, this is a six-month-old child that we've lost. So we have a lot of folks on the scene. We're gonna solve this case. We're going to bring justice to this life."

Bryant agreed, saying: "The proliferation of weaponry that we're seeing on the street, we have to do something about that. We can no longer allow our criminals to continue to carry guns."

He did not provide further details about the shooting, but said the investigation was in its early stages.

"Our investigators are working leads right now and hopefully we will be bringing this case to a resolution relatively soon," he said.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp also called for justice for the six-month-old killed in Monday's shooting.

"Our hearts are broken for the loss of this innocent child. We mourn this unfathomable tragedy tonight with the family. Please join us in keeping them in your hearts & prayers," Kemp said in a tweet. "This kind of lawlessness must end, & these criminals must be held accountable."

The Atlanta Police Department has been contacted for additional comment.

Atlanta police vehicle
An Atlanta police vehicle sits parked outside State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on July 28, 2019. Raymond Boyd/Getty Images