Baby Stares at Man Across Café in Hilarious Video

On the whole, babies are adorable rays of sunshine. However they can take a disliking to you—as one man on TikTok recently found out.

Lucas Ansell, known online as lucas_ansel, shared footage to the app that begins with him sitting in a café speaking into the camera, saying: "What the f**k is this guy looking at?"

He then zooms in on a young child across the square who is sat in a stroller between a woman and a man.

The baby appears to be staring right at Ansel completely deadpan in a menacing fashion, the parents apparently unaware.

The very cute yet unfriendly-looking child holds the glare, which makes for a stare-off between the two.

Ansel, who has more than 483,900 followers on the site, has captioned the funny video "boss baby 3" in reference to The Boss Baby films starring Alec Baldwin.

The amusing clip, which can be watched here, was first posted on July 11, and has since been viewed a whopping 886,500 times and received more than 252,700 likes.

Many flooded to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious footage.

One TikTok user, Lil Shawrdy, wrote: "Babies really have the audacity."

Another person, Tyler Eastburn, added: "You gotta problem buddy?, alongside a raised-eyebrow emoji.

Human.compost joked: "He is staring real hard for someone who can't fight."

Granadillasauce typed: "He knows something about you that you don't even know yourself."

Playboi Carti's son commented: "Looking a little hard for a baby who doesn't know 109 forms of martial art."

Tanner Pressel stated: "You owe that baby money or something?"

Childish Tauzino shared: "Babies sure stare a lot for people who can't fight."

Assiadama observed: "He's breaking his neck staring at you."

Tannel Pressel asked: "Do you owe that baby money or something?"

Another funny baby video that has recently gone viral on TikTok shows an infant attempting to perform push-ups alongside his father.

In the clip, shared by Charlie Todd, known online as Thebandman16, he tells the cute child: "Alright little man, six months so you've got six push-ups."

The baby then mimics his dad, who is a personal trainer, doing the exercise and it makes for adorable viewing.

The footage is captioned: "Reminiscent of when my son did this. 6 months 6 push-ups."

The cute family moment was shared on July 17 and has so far been viewed by a whopping 1.2 million people and has amassed more than195,300 likes.

Newsweek has contacted Ansel for comment.

Baby looking angry
A stock image of a baby looking angry. In a TikTok video a baby was filmed staring at a man across a restaurant. Getty Images