Mom Shares Affordable and Easy Hack To Soothe Teething Babies

Babies usually begin teething when they are between 6 and 10 months, and the process can last until they are nearly 3 years old.

Although seeing your infant's first tooth is an exciting milestone for any parent, it can be rather painful for the child.

Symptoms of teething include drooling and sucking on items, as well as irritability and rashes around the mouth, according to Healthline.

However, one young mother has come up with an ingenious and affordable hack to help ease your baby's symptoms.

Taylor Eskridge took to TikTok in March to showcase how she assists her child, revealing her "teething baby hack."

She said: "If you have a teething baby like me, try this.

"Instead of buying those premade yogurt bites, I bought this pouch for a dollar."

She then shows a Gerber Fruit & Yogurt pouch, which is strawberry and banana flavor.

The mom begins squeezing small amounts of the mixture out onto a baking tray, while explaining: "All you need is a cookie sheet.

"Place a ton of little drops all along the cookie sheet, and place in the freezer for about an hour.

"It's a super yummy snack, that is nice and cold on their gums. They melt very quickly and they taste super good."

The video is titled "Easy, cheap, yummy" and it has so far been viewed over 1.1 million times, and garnered over 67,500 likes.

Many took to the comments section to express their gratitude to the mom for sharing her wisdom.

One TikTok user, Ashley Renee, wrote: "Just made this for my daughter thank you for posting!"

Another person, user8200671683785, commented: "My baby isnt teething rn but I dropped everything and did this!

"She doesn't love the squeezies anyway, she's 8 mo and loves using her pincers," alongside a love heart emoji.

Meanwhile a third, Sarah-Beth 'Ditzy', added: "love this! My boy will try these if I remember when he grows up a bit more X."

Some were concerned that the bites may cause a child to choke, including Kayla Bartelmey, who asked: "Is it not a choking hazard?"

To this, Eskridge responded by explaining: "nope they melt within seconds!"

Giving your child something cold to chew on is a trusted method for attempting to soothe the swelling.

Healthline also recommends creating homemade teethers by "wetting a washcloth and putting it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

"It'll give your little one something to gnaw on, and the cold cloth may also soothe their sore gums."

Baby teething sore gums
A stock image of a baby crying with two teeth on show. In the viral video the mom shared a hack for helping soothe teething infants. LiuSol/Getty Images

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