Baby-Wearing 'Dad' Preps Subway Sandwiches in Viral Video — But There's a Catch

Not all things are as they seem. Such is the case with a TikTok video showing a baby-wearing father making sandwiches at Subway. That video unexpectedly went viral and now, the original poster has cleared up any lingering confusion.

The 15-second clip, posted by Leslie Munoz (aka @lesliemunnoz), offered a glimpse into the day of a Subway sandwich-making employee while simultaneously parenting. The TikTok video — set to Reba McEntire's "I'm a Survivor" — has garnered nearly 3 million views and over 500,000 likes at the time of this post.

According to Indeed, employees and former employees said that Subway doesn't offer paid maternity leave but they can return to their job after taking unpaid time off. That said, many applauded the video for nixing workplace stereotypes.

"I have no problem with this but the health and safety dept which he gets his food handler card does, as well as those that oversees the business," @forthrightfun commented.

"kid needs a hat too lol so cute," @kaybilbrey wrote.

"That baby is set to become a manager by age 5," @bronxmamas said.

"if he gets fired for this i'm fighting everyone at subway," added.

The caption, "single mom thingz," sparked conversations about parental roles and the workplace as well. However, the man in the video isn't the baby's father. In fact, the man is no relation at all. Deep in the comment thread, the man's identity was revealed.

"I'm actually the single mom," Munoz wrote. "Guy in the Subway video is a friend/old coworker who adores my son."

Munoz told the Daily Dot she's a former employee of that Subway location and made "a lot of close friends" who still care for her baby. The video was recorded during a recent visit after a friend/coworker held the baby so Munoz could eat.

"The old co-worker was so excited and strapped him on," Munoz said. "He then proceed to make my sandwich, but as soon as a customer came in he was given back to me."

She continued: "I just thought it'd be funny if I got him making my sandwich on TikTok," she said. "Hundreds of people made so many assumptions which was dope to see, how a video was able to start so many conversations. I myself am about to start work and don't trust/afford a babysitter so it was interesting to see people's opinions on this topic that I myself did not mean to start up."

Subway Sandwich Shop
A Subway Sandwich Shop. Joe Raedle/Getty Images