Baby's Ashes Stolen from Veterans' Home, Couple Appeal for Help: 'We Just Want Our Daughter Back'

A California couple have made an emotional appeal for the return of their baby daughter's ashes which were taken during a burglary at their Sacramento home.

Kelly and Elliot Smith, both U.S. army veterans, said they returned home from their vacation on April 21 to discover that someone had broken into their apartment.

"We first noticed that our TV was gone and I told him that we've been robbed," Kelly Smith told KTXL. "And we looked around and we noticed other things were gone too."

Around $6,000 worth of goods were taken, but among them was one irreplaceable item—a small wooden box containing their baby daughter Enola's ashes. "We don't care about any of that," Smith said. "We just want our daughter back."

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Speaking to New Haven Register, Kelly Smith said "I felt angry and I felt sad" when she realized the box of ashes had been taken. "I felt anguish and I felt like I wanted to die."

During Kelly Smith's pregnancy, the couple learned that their daughter had a rare genetic condition. The child was born prematurely.

"She was five months early and she was passed, deceased," Kelly Smith said. "I didn't hold her when she came out. I didn't want to. I was in too much pain. So, that's all I have. Losing a child was the worst experience ever. I went through a deep depression and I just got through that."

The couple are handing out flyers around the community urging anyone who may have found the box containing Enola's ashes to return them. "They [burglars] might not have even known that that was an urn," she said.

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A necklace containing the ashes of the one of the Smith's grandmothers was also stolen.

Anyone with any information about the missing items is asked to contact Sacramento Police Department.

In a similarly heartbreaking story, In December a Texas mother pleaded for the return of her infant son's ashes after their family home in Houston was ransacked.

"Please. Please. Return it. Give it to somebody else. Turn it in to the police department," Siobahn Gracely said, reported ABC 7. "We place so much value on those ashes and we would really love to have them returned to us."

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