Baby's Day Out

FROM THE TEENAGERS OF "THE BREAKFAST CLUB" to the prepubescent Kevin of "Home Alone" to 9-month-old Baby Bink, the hero of this live-action cartoon, John Hughes's subjects have become increasingly puerile. So, alas, have his movies. The adorable tot gets kidnapped by three stooges (Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano and Brian Haley), then leads them on a wild chase around Chicago, subjecting his hapless captors to one sadistic punishment after another. Director Patrick Read Johnson follows writer/producer Hughes's familiar formula with crass fidelity: four doses of slapstick humiliation to one dose of unadulterated sentimentality. Shaken, not stirred. Kids in the audience when I saw it couldn't get enough of the crotch-stomping fun. Parents may want to wait in the lobby.