'The Bachelor' 2019 Spoilers: Who Gets Dumped During Hometowns? Find out Who Colton Picks as His Top 3 Women

It has all come down to this–Hometowns. Bachelor star Colton Underwood has gone through seven weeks of drama to get to his final four: Hannah G., Caelynn, Tayshia and Cassie. One woman will go home during Monday's episode, which will reveal Colton's top three women ahead of a highly anticipated season finale.

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Spoilers for episode 8 ahead! If you don't want to know what happens in tonight's episode, turn back now.

In a sneak-peek clip of Monday's episode, Colton travels to Alabama, Virginia and California to meet the women's families and enjoy four one-on-one dates. While it's not clear what Hannah G.'s date will consist of, it looks like Colton explores Caelynn's hometown, goes skydiving with Tayshia and surfing with Cassie, according to Reality Steve.

Hannah G.'s Hometown

Though not much has been revealed about Hannah G.'s date, Reality Steve reported that at the conclusion of her hometown date, Hannah B. shows up at Colton's hotel to talk to him. Whether this is another effort to bash Caelynn is unclear; however, Reality Steve claims nothing goes further than a conversation.

Caelynn's Hometown

Colton traveled to Fredericksburg, Virginia to visit Caelynn. In a tweet posted by Reality Steve in October, it looks like there will be plenty of city exploration, including a horse-drawn carriage ride.

(SPOILER): Colton and Caelynn in Fredericksburg, VA today on Princess Anne St for her hometown date taking a horse drawn carriage pic.twitter.com/n6eMy2aBfH

— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) October 29, 2018

During their time together, however, Caelynn also gets candid about her family situation. After being asked by Colton if he will meet her father, she revealed that her biological father is not in the picture.

"My stepdad, he's the one who raised me, he's the one who is my dad and has been there through everything," Caelynn said to Colton.

Tayshia's Hometown

Colton traveled to Orange County, California to visit Tayshia. In a preview of the couple's date, it looked like Tayshia is getting some revenge for their bungee jumping date in Singapore.

"Payback is a b***h," Colton said to the camera.

Cassie's Hometown

Colton traveled to Huntington Beach, California to visit rumored front-runner Cassie. First introduced in the Bachelor franchise as a beach-loving girl, it may not come as a surprise that the couple's one-on-one is surfing.

While the two have had undeniable chemistry throughout the season, it looks like Cassie's father is not super keen on his daughter getting engaged after "a couple of random dates." In typical Bachelor fashion, it's undeniable that Cassie's father is hesitant about his daughter dating a man who is openly dating other women in the process.

"I can tell Colton is being affectionate with Cassie," the father said to the camera. "I don't know if that's what he does with all the girls he goes out with."

Rose Ceremony

At the conclusion of Hometowns, it looks like Caelynn is the one who is eliminated.

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