'The Bachelor' Fans Think They Know Exactly Who Clayton Chooses

With the season finale of The Bachelor airing this week, fans of the show believe they know exactly who Clayton will choose.

In the beginning of January, eligible bachelor Clayton Echard began his journey to find the love of his life. Viewers have seen many women come and go, and many clutching roses in their hands hoping they would make it to the final three. Susie, Gabby, and Rachel made it to the fantasy suite episode and that's where things went south.

Last week, Susie left after a dramatic turn of events when she explained to Clayton on their late that she was uncomfortable with him sleeping with the other remaining women. Her reveal—after-the-fact—threw Clayton for a loop. He became angry and sent her home. This week, Clayton will choose between Gabby and Rachel.

In a submission posted to a The Bachelor Reddit forum, u/Explorer5500 was curious to hear other viewers' theories on how this season will end. Who will get the final rose?

The Reddit user wrote, "I know most people believe Rachel is F1. However, nothing is confirmed on what happens towards the end of the season. Personally, I think it will be some sort of abnormal ending that is a mixture of both Peter and Cassie's seasons. What do you all think?"

"Susie will be the next bachelorette, I think for sure," u/dangoudan replied. "In terms of Clayton probably Rachel wins his heart."

"I think the entire FS week is going to be a mess. Best case, whatever happens in the aftermath of his rose ceremony confession will make Clayton realize that Rachel is the one he doesn't want to lose," u/MustBeFateMulder said in part.

u/Throwaway500005 wrote, "I feel it will be Rachel and him. On their 1x1 they had this natural chemistry that was super strong and you just didn't see it with anyone else...."

U/lawlivka wrote, "Jesse said we will see something that has never happened, if it's true, maybe all F3 [Final 3] self-eliminate but he chases after Rachel and they either are together now or rachel gives him a chance at the AFR [After the Final Rose]?"

"I think he may leave with Rachel but that they don't last until ATFR and we find out there he is still single," u/eleyezeeaye4287 commented.

"I think Rachel will win and they'll still be together by the time ATFR rolls around. I'd put Clayton and Rachel in approximately the 65th percentile as far as "final bachelor couples and my faith in their longevity" goes," u/souptonuts22 explained. "So, better odds than the average, but not that much better, though that could change as I see more of their connection this season."

'The Bachelor' cast
With this season of 'The Bachelor' coming to an end this week, fans believe they know who will win over Clayton's heart. ABC/Craig Sjodin