'Bachelor' 2019 Premiere: Memorable Limo Exit Moments

Colton Underwood, 26, has made his debut as this year's Bachelor. However, the premiere seemed to take a while to get to the fan-favorite limo exits.

As Bachelor Nation was taken around the country to various viewing parties, hot tub gatherings, and past Bachelor cameos, contestants began to make their entrance one hour into the season's premiere.

While Colton's virginity was the butt of many jokes, there were also pageant queens, police cruisers and a sloth during night one. Here are the most memorable moments.

Demi, 23

The interior designer delivered one of the many virginity jokes: "Haven't dated a virgin since I was 12."

Caelynn, 23

Caelynn made it clear she was Miss North Carolina; however, she is open to changing her title to "Miss Underwood"—even though it would technically be "Mrs.," but it's fine.

Sydney, 27

"I had to make the decision of quitting my job or being here, and I think I made the right decision." Pressure, maybe?

Cassie, 23

The speech pathologist made a sweet entrance into Bachelor Nation. Telling Colton she had butterflies, Cassie then opened a small box with fake butterflies—revealing she actually had butterflies. However, arguably the sweetest moment was when Colton is seen picking up one of those plastic butterflies and putting into his coat pocket.

Caitlin, 25

A round of applause for the second virginity joke, made by the 25-year-old from Canada. Arriving with a red balloon with what looked like a green leaf attached, Caitlin quickly whips out a needle and pops the balloon.

"Now that I've popped your cherry..."

Though clever, it seemed to fall flat with the bachelor: "I thought it was an apple."

Katie, 26

Another joke about, yup, you guessed it—Colton's virginity! The medical sales representative from Florida presented a deck of cards to Colton and revealed she "took [his] V card."

Alex D., 23

Is it really a Bachelor premiere if no one shows up in an animal costume? We have to applaud the Sloth-girl for staying committed to her joke, even through the intense awkwardness.

Erika McNut, 25

To help Colton remember her name—or last name, rather—the 25-year-old recruiter from San Diego gave the bachelor a bag of nuts. Unfortunately, the trick didn't seem to work for Colton, but at least he didn't go hungry!

Hannah B., 23

Meeting the 23-year-old pageant queen gave us an unexpected Tia-diss. When Hannah asked where Colton thought she was from, he quickly fired back, "hopefully not Arkansas."

Tracy, 32

Pulling up with sirens wailing, the 32-year-old made her entrance as "the fashion police."

Alex B., 29

Exiting the limo with giant cue cards, it's revealed that the 29-year-old dog rescuer was sick and lost her voice but "wouldn't miss it for the world." It seemed like she definitely caught Colton's attention, with him later saying: "Man, I really wish I was able to talk to her."

Bri, 24

Probably one of the more odd entrances, the 24-year-old model came in with a fake Australian accent in an effort to stand out from the others. A little odd, but it may have worked since Chris Harrison says she "really connects" with the bachelor.

Hannah G., 23

The 23-year-old content creator presented a gift of the bachelor's "favorite underwear," but the box turned out to be empty. Colton seemed to really like the fact that Hannah knew he prefers to go commando—a little fact we all learned during his time on Bachelor in Paradise.

Catherine, 26

The 26-year-old, better known on Twitter as the Jennifer Coolidge look-a-like, made her entrance by hiring Colton as a dogsitter.

She presented her 10-year-old pomeranian to the bachelor, saying she was "giving a piece of [her] heart" to him. The pooch was definitely not too happy about being left with Colton, but the best part was the other contestants being jealous of not being able to bring their own canines.