'Bachelorette' Premiere Spoilers: Who Gets Hannah B.'s First Impression Rose and Who Is Sent Packing?

The first Bachelorette Monday of Hannah B.'s season is finally here and there's already plenty of drama to discuss. Does one of the contestants already have a girlfriend? Does Matteo really have 114 children? These are questions that will be discussed during Monday's season premiere but, more importantly, fans are wondering who will be the lucky man to get Hannah's first impression rose.

It has become a trend within the Bachelorette community that the first impression rose tends to become the man who gets down on one knee–think Jordan from JoJo's season, or Bryan from Rachel's season. Will this be the case for Hannah?

In a preview of this season of Bachelorette, Hannah is described as a Bachelorette "never seen before."

"I'm a normal human being trying to be the Bachelorette and I don't know what to do," Hannah said to the camera during an unknown episode. "I'm scared."

Spoilers for Night 1 of Bachelorette ahead. Turn back now!

According to Reality Steve, this season's premiere was "pretty standard," despite the one contestant who thought he could get away with being on the show while having a girlfriend back at home. Thanks to the help of Hannah's gal-pals Demi and Katie, Scott R. is identified as the cheater.

Once the Bachelorette is made aware of the situation, she disrupts the cocktail party to confront Scott. Despite his efforts to make amends with Hannah, Scott is immediately sent packing–no surprise there.

Aside from Scott's girlfriend back home, the night went relatively smooth and ended with three guys getting a smooch from the Bachelorette.

Kisses Go To...

  • Cam
  • Conner S.
  • Luke P.

On the other hand, Bachelorette fans may already not agree with a decision Hannah makes during night one. In sneak peeks of the season, Luke P. has been called an "evil, pathological liar" and Hannah is even seen sitting down with Luke asking "why does every guy in here hate you?"

Despite the villain-type energy that may surround the Atlanta-native, Luke P. ultimately receives a huge sign of reciprocated feelings from the Bachelorette.

First Impression Rose Goes To...

  • Luke P.

Eliminations Are...

  • Scott (during the cocktail party)
  • Brian
  • Chasen
  • Hunter
  • Joe
  • Matt
  • Ryan
  • Thomas

Find out what is next for Hannah and the remaining men when The Bachelorette airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.