'The Bachelorette' Recap: Clare Crawley, Dale Moss and the Men's Dying Hopes

Clare Crawley returned as The Bachelorette for Season 16 Episode 3 on Tuesday night. While she may not stay the Bachelorette for long, Crawley's dramatic season has been undeniably entertaining. After a cliffhanger last week, Crawley's second cocktail party opened the show, and this one isn't going down without a fight.

A quick refresher: Last week's episode saw some of the men play strip dodgeball on a group date. Some of them really ended up naked, and some of them are still reeling from the odd decision by ABC to make the men play sports in the nude on reality television.

The game was the heart of the conversation, and while some of the men thought it was all fun, others were offended. This led to the first confrontation of the night, and boy was it a big one.

Yosef confronted Crawley about the strip dodgeball: his point was that it was immature to make the men strip. His wording called it "humiliating" and "degrading," but one line sealed the deal. "I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette" Yosef said, before adding he was "ashamed to be associated with [Clare.]"

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 included a roast-inspired group date with lots of jokes about Dale Moss. ABC/Craig Sjodin

Crawley didn't take it too well when Yosef later refused to let her share her side. She told him he'd never be the father of her children (a flashback to her Juan Pablo breakup) and sent him home.

DeAnna Pappas, a former Bachelorette, stopped by and gave Crawley a pep talk. They spoke about Moss and Crawley implied he might be the one for her. "This may be the shortest season ever," she joked.

Apparently, Crawley stood the men up on a group date, and changed the plan hours late. The men were irritated by her lateness, and by her decision to transition the entire event into a cocktail party date. Moss stole Crawley away first and the Bachelorette took him into her hotel suite. From there, they talked, and made out, in Crawley's bed.

Some of the men claimed the pair were gone for an hour. Moss and Crawley's alone time upset the other men, who could clearly see the connection between the two. The group date rose went to Dale, which was also frustrating to many.

Up next was a one-on-one date with Crawley and (shockingly, not Moss!) Zach J. The pair had a spa day before things got weird. Crawley said Zach J's "nervous energy" made her stressed. Later, the two were having fun in the pool when an award kiss stopped the pair from getting closer. Crawley said it made her feel "extremely uncomfortable" when he grabbed her after she walked away from the bad moment. Crawley didn't show up for their dinner date, and host Chris Harrison sent Zach J. home.

Another group date rounded out Tuesday night's agenda. The men attended a roast and, naturally, most of them teamed up on Moss and his close relationship with Crawley. The Bachelorette didn't fully understand why, and took offense to all of the jabs at Moss. Moss wasn't actually on the date: instead, he was in the audience for it.

At the cocktail party, the show's editing made it seem that Crawley only wanted to talk about Moss and the jokes the men made at his expense. At the end of the night, Crawley decided not to give out the group date rose.

Next week's episode is likely to show Crawley leaving the show with Moss. In that event, Tayshia Adams is scheduled to step in and become the new Bachelorette.