'The Bachelorette' Sneak Peek: Luke P.'s Family Thanks Hannah For 'Putting Up With Him'

Last week's Bachelorette episode whittled down the roster of potential suitors to only four (You'll be missed, Mike; Connor... well, you were on the show, so that's good), with Luke P., Peter, Jed and Tyler C. left to battle it out. As Hannah prepares to travel to four different locations to meet contestants' families, Bachelor Nation got a sneak peek look into her trip to Georgia.

While only a snippet of Luke P's hometown date was made available ahead of this week's show, it looks like this season's villain/frontrunner's family is just as confused as we have been for the last couple of months.

After Hannah describes the beginning of their relationship as "great, great, great" and the Georgia-native adding how he was "walking on eggshells" with the other men in the house, one unidentified family member asks the question we've been wondering for weeks.

"I felt like I was walking on eggshells," Luke said in the clip, according to Entertainment Weekly. "I felt like I had to say and do all the right things, which is obviously the worst mindset."

"We told him, 'Luke, just be Luke,' and you just admitted that you weren't Luke," the family member said. "So why is he here."

Valid question, unidentified family member. It's a query that even Hannah doesn't know the answer to. As the family all laugh in unison, a female family member chimes in and adds, "Well, thanks for putting up with him!"

The clip ended with Luke P.'s father pulling his son aside for a chat after hearing stories that didn't match up with his previous behavior.

It's not yet clear how the conversation between Luke and his father will pan out but by the looks of previews of future episodes, the Georgia-native survives hometowns and heads to overnight dates.

As a refresher, last week's episode saw the elimination of Connor S. (yes, there were actually two Connors this season; we had to check), Mike and Garrett.

Bachelor Nation finally got a moment we've been waiting for all season long: Luke P. screaming, "And you are not going to mess this up!" at Garrett, topped off by the now-famous tossing of bologna. Despite his aggressive, territorial behavior, Luke P was able to survive the three-on-one date.

Along with Luke P.'s hometown date in Georgia, Hannah will travel to Florida for Tyler C.'s date, Tennessee to meet Jed's folks and California to see Peter's hometown.

Find out what's next for Hannah and her remaining men when The Bachelorette airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Luke P Hannah Bachelorette
Luke P. is considered the villain on The Bachelorette this season, but he still has a strong connection with Hannah Brown. ABC/John Fleenor