'Bachelorette' Spoilers: Find Out Who Is Headed to Hometowns, Witness a Moment Teased All Season Long

Happy Monday, Bachelor Nation. Hope you had a stressless day because this week's episode is quite the doozy. Hannah B is just one week away from hometowns, which means things are getting very real and, surprisingly, Luke P still remains in the running.

Spoilers for Week 7 of The Bachelorette ahead! You have been warned.

This week is a bit different compared to previous episodes. Since Hannah's decisions equal a hometown date, roses are handed out at each one-on-one. While a normal format for the Bachelor, Bachelorette franchise, a shocking elimination occurred without even a hint at a date.

While Reality Steve couldn't confirm the order of Monday's shenanigans, it looks like somehow Connor S was eliminated before even getting the chance at a one-on-one. This elimination may have been expected since the 24-year-old isn't spotted in future episode promos, we can all agree he has not had the best of luck during the season (Hannah getting sick right before his one-on-one earlier this season, for example).

One-on-One Date Cards Go To...

Jed–The aspiring musician and Hannah B enjoyed a romantic boat ride through the city's canals, Jed got a rose.

Tyler C–The duo went horseback riding and concluded with champagne by the water. The hunky fan-favorite got a rose.

Mike–After riding bicycles around the Netherlands, Mike and Hannah conclude their date at the Mauritshuis Museum. Unfortunately, the Alabama-native didn't feel like her feeling aligned with Mike's and sent him home.

Begin campaign for Mike as the next Bachelor now.

Three-on-One Date Card Goes To...

Luke P, Garrett and Peter (two roses up for grabs)

We've seen this date teased for a while now, the moment where Luke P is screaming in Garrett's face saying, "I've been nothing but truthful and you are not going to mess this up!"

The date consisted of weighing cheese at a cheese market in Gouda, Netherlands and finished up at the Town Hall. At the conclusion of the date, Peter and Luke got and rose, sending Garrett packing.

Who Is Going to Hometowns?

Luke P (Gainesville, GA.)

Tyler C (Jupiter, FL)

Jed (According to his Bachelorette bio, he's from Nashville; however, Reality Steve reports their date occurred in Knoxville.)

Peter (Location not confirmed but possibly somewhere in California)

Find out what is next for Hannah and her remaining suitors when The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

Bachelorette, Hannah B and Tyler C
'The Bachelorette' airs Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. Mark Bourdillon/ABC