'Bachelorette' Spoilers: Leaked Details of 'Men Tell All' Special, Luke P. in the Hot Seat, and Who is 'Windmill Sex Guy'?

Most of the rejected male suitors from the current season of The Bachelorette got together Friday to tape the always-enjoyable "Men Tell All" special, and details of the show have already begun to leak.

Reality Steve, the often-reliable spoiler of all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, unleashed a torrent of details about the "Men Tell All" taping in a Twitter thread posted Saturday afternoon.

Final warning: For residents of Bachelor(ette) Nation who don't want to have a peek under this particular Christmas tree, stop reading now or consider yourself spoiled!

According to Steve's tweet, 17 of the whopping 33 original suitors for Bachelorette Hannah B.'s affection were on hand to dish to host Chris Harrison. The men who told all (or at least sat to the side while a handful of them likely did most of the talking) were Connor S., Luke S., Dustin, Matteo, Grant, Mike, Cam, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Brian, Daron, Garrett, Devin, Jonathan, Matt, Ryan and this season's villain, Luke P. — the only one of these men who (as far as the show is concerned) still alive in the race to propose to Hannah.

(MTA SPOILERS): The 17 guys who were there: Connor S, Luke S, Luke P, Dustin, Matteo, Grant, Mike, Cam, John Paul Jones, Dylan, Brian, Daron, Garrett, Devin, Jonathan, Old Matt Donald, & Ryan.

— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) July 13, 2019

Though — as has already been spoiled by the many, many previews of the upcoming incident — Luke P. is not going to be on the show much longer, when he crosses a line by judging Hannah's sex life.

According to Reality Steve, when it came time for Luke P. to sit in the infamous Hot Seat at the "Men Tell All" taping, it did not go well.

"Chris asked him if he was sorry or regretted anything and he said he was sorry for holding Hannah to such a high standard and being a perfect woman," tweeted Steve, who added in a follow-up tweet that "The guys were frustrated all night because they wanted Luke to take responsibility for his actions and he never did. His apology was hollow and they kept jumping on him for not owning up to what he did."

Steve also indicated that Luke P. exited the MTA shoot at some point, and that the show appeared to frame it as him walking off the set. However, Steve tweeted that Luke P. was actually waved off the stage by producers during a break in taping and never returned.

Another spoiler tweeted out in this thread was the answer to the question: Who did Hannah B. have sex with in a windmill? The show has teased her confession of this act, but has yet to say which of the remaining suitors was her windmill wooer.

According to Steve, it was Peter, the pilot from California, who Hannah B. recently called out for having condoms stashed in the center console of his car during their visit to his family.

In a tweet separate from the spoiler thread, Steve shrugged off fans who are convinced he was wrong about Peter being Mr. Windmill Sex Guy.

"I'm not sure why I'm getting emailed about people not believing it's Peter who had the windmill sex," he tweeted. "I mean, I guess you can choose to believe whatever you want, but I'm not just making this up. It was Peter. You'll see on Monday."

Indeed, Monday's episode — complete with a Luke P. sendoff and windmill coitus with someone — looks to be one of this season's more eventful ones. At least until we get to the "After the Final Rose" airing, and see if Jed will be able to explain the girlfriend he had right up until he left to start shooting this season.

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