Backpack With Fetal Remains Found In Dumpster

The remains of a human fetus have been found inside a backpack left in a dumpster at the back of a shopping center in Virginia.

The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that the incident happened on Monday, August 30, at the back of the Victorian Square shopping center on the 11000 block of Hull Street Road in Chesterfield County.

Police attended the scene at 1:50 p.m. that day, after a store employee reported that a teenage girl had placed a backpack in a dumpster behind a store several hours earlier. Witnesses told police the teenager then entered the Gabe's discount store without the backpack before leaving the area, the local newspaper reported.

The employee told police that there was blood on the backpack. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has preliminarily determined that the contents of the backpack were fetal remains, the local news outlet reported.

The teenager who dropped the backpack in the dumpster was identified by police, but they didn't publicly release her information. They only said she was under 18, so they couldn't provide further details.

A police spokeswoman told the Richmond Times Dispatch that at present no charges have been filed against her.

The cause and manner of death have yet to be determined, and an investigation is ongoing.

Newsweek contacted Chesterfield County police for comment and further details.

The police asked anyone with information on the incident to call 804-748-1251 because the girl or someone else might be in need of medical attention.

Similar Incident in Mississippi

Only three weeks ago, a similar incident occurred in Natchez, Mississippi, when the remains of a human fetus were found in a storage unit.

Adams County coroner James Lee said he estimated that the gestational age of the fetus was between 16 and 24 weeks old.

"This was horrible that someone delivered a baby in that storage room and left it there," Lee told Magnolia State Live.

"I just don't know why a mother would do something like that," Lee said.

In September 2019, the family of an abortion doctor in Illinois discovered more than 2,400 medically preserved fetuses at his property and in his vehicle, only a few days after he died of natural causes aged 79.

The authorities didn't know why Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who had worked as an abortion provider at three clinics in Indiana, had kept the remains.

Officials said the remains dated back to the years from 2000 to 2003. Because they were in poor condition and the accompanying health records had been damaged, it wasn't possible to independently verify the identities of the individual fetal remains.

Police Tape in Chicago, Illinois
A file photo of police tape. The remains of a human fetus have been found inside a backpack in a dumpster at the back of a shopping center in Virginia. Scott Olson/Getty Images