Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola Review

Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola Review
This is the perfect pergola for a small space or the edge of a larger patio. Josh Smith

The Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola is a wow-worthy backyard upgrade that is perfect for a relaxing evening alone or as a central space to host friends.

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As we continue to upgrade our patios and backyards to become a fun space for close friends and an escape from work (or work from home), smart upgrades like this make a lot of sense.

We love the privacy this adds to our backyard, with slats on two sides of the pergola, the shade that the top provides and the spacious seating.

We built and tested the Laguna model with blue cushions. It retails for $2,299 through Backyard Discovery, Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart.

Building the Pergola

Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola
A little ingenuity simplifies parts of the assembly process. Josh Smith

The Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola is relatively easy to install if you have a little bit of skill with tools and someone to help with several of the steps.

You should plan for a full day of building the pergola. There are points in the process when you absolutely need a second person, but you can perform about 75 percent of the assembly on your own. This took me about 8 hours of work. There are some tedious moments but nothing too difficult.

The directions are good at outlining what to look for so that the parts are in the right order, though I did need to reattach two pieces due to my error. At the end of the process, I found I had installed one piece in the wrong orientation, but I could fix my mistake easily enough.

Installing the bench supports is the hardest part, mainly due to the angle you need to hold the drill, but anyone can complete the build with a little patience. The kit includes hand tools for the screws and bolts and drivers to put in a power drill.

The wood is already stained, so you don't need to worry about waiting for the wood to fully dry to stain later, as you would if you bought new pressure treated lumber and built this from scratch. Instead, you can assemble the pergola in a day and use it that night.

Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola
Check the dimensions to see how big this pergola is. Backyard Discovery

You can see the dimensions in the image above. They can help you determine if this pergola is a good fit for your space. We found that it was perfect for a small patio.

In addition to the paper manual, you can use the free BILT app to get step-by-step directions with voice guidance and the ability to zoom in on specific parts.

If you aren't handy or don't have the help, you can use Go Configure to find someone local to build the pergola for you.

Using the Pergola

Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola
The table is large enough for snacks, drinks and it leaves room for decorations. Josh Smith

The Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola is incredibly sturdy, and the size is just perfect for our small patio area.

The benches are wide and deep, with very nice Sunbrella fabric cushions that hold up to the weather well and dry pretty quickly after rain. They are comfortable to sit on, and the blue color complements the wood perfectly. We added a few throw pillows to complete the look.

We cannot build a fence, which meant that our patio was in full view of the neighbors, but thanks to the slatted sides of the pergola, we now have some privacy. We plan to add some climbing flowers or grape vines to increase privacy over time.

The table is just right, with enough room to add a citronella candle and still have plenty of room for drinks.

Slats on the top provide good shade depending on the sun's angle and still allow plenty of air movement to keep the patio cool.

Backyard Discovery offers a wide range of pergola sizes, but the Laguna Cabana Pergola is perfect for our small space. We still have enough room to put a Solo Stove on the patio, and the only thing left to do is hang lights.

Is the Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola Worth Buying?

Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola
We plan to add climbing plants to add to the shade. Josh Smith

The Laguna Cabana Pergola is already the favorite part of our backyard. The simple setup, which doesn't require measuring, cutting or staining means that we are already enjoying it without thinking of any next steps.

With the combination of paper and app instructions, it's easy enough to build, though it does take a full day and many steps are repetitious, such as installing 60-plus screws for a single step.

The seats are comfortable, the size is just right, and it's the perfect way to add some shade and privacy to our patio.

Buy at Backyard Discovery, Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart.

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