'Bad' Teachers Told to 'Get Out' After Some Protest Superintendent's Firing

Someone left fliers on teachers' cars outside of two Douglas County, Colorado, schools telling them they are "bad" and to "get out and leave."

The signs, left on cars in the parking lots of Castle View High School and Legend High School,likely were related to several teachers calling out of work on February 3 to protest the firing of former Douglas County Superintendent Corey Wise, KUSA-TV reported. This further escalates tensions between those who agreed and disagreed with the decision.

According to the outlet, the school district informed the staff on Tuesday that someone had requested information on who was not at work that day. It was not immediately clear whether the fliers were only put on the cars of teachers who were absent that day.

"Most Teachers Are Good and We Appreciate Them," the flier read, according to images posted to social media. "You Are Bad! Get Out and Leave!"

The flier went on to criticize teacher unions, saying they are all bad and "Not For the Parents! The Whole Nation Sees That!"

A public information officer for the Douglas County School District told Newsweek in an email that district security and their law enforcement partners are looking into the situation.

A KUSA reporter said while a local police department is aware of the incident, the fliers are considered to fall under freedom of speech because there were no threats made in them.

According to KUSA, over 1,000 employees with the Douglas County School District requested February 3 off of work. Colorado Public Radio (CPR) added that hundreds of students in the district also walked out of class on February 7 to protest Wise's firing, holding signs saying "equity for all" and "justice for Corey."

Wise, who had worked for the district for 26 years, was only superintendent for less than a year before the Board of Education voted to fire him for what the Douglas County Federation, a teacher's union, called "nonexistent" reasons, KMGH-TV reported.

The report said the majority board members cited Wise's leadership style, mask mandate involvement and connection with three other board members as reasons for his firing. But Kevin DiPasquale, president of the teacher's union, told the local station said these reasons are "weak" and the firing is "unfathomable," warning that some teachers might be compelled to leave in light of this news.

"These are dark times for Douglas County Schools, knowing that the decisions that were made were done without cause and without relevance to what it takes to run a school district," he said.

Students at Highlands Ranch, Legend, Rock Canyon and Thunder Ridge high schools, as well as Cresthill Middle School, all participated in last Monday's walkout, with some saying the firing was "unethical" and did not take others' opinions into account, according to CPR.

Update 02/16/22 5:05 p.m. ET: This story was updated to add more information.

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Someone left fliers on teachers' cars in Douglas County, Colorado, calling them "bad" and telling them to "get out." Above, the Colorado state flag. Stock Image/Getty Images