Bald Eagle Snatches Shark Away From Fishing Man in Incredible Video

Sometimes life can provide moments that would be unbelievable to describe, so it is just as well that one particular fishing trip was caught on camera.

Why? Because just as Chad Rissman and his uncle Darren Vick were reeling in a shark they had hooked at the Dudendin Causeway in Florida, a bald eagle swooped in and stole their catch.

Speaking to Fox 13 News, Vick explained: "We are just sitting there talking. The line got tight and slack."

Rissman then added: "I was reeling it in my uncle was going to grab the line. As the leader is coming up, I said I'd get a hold of the shark."

As if capturing the small predator wasn't exciting enough for the pair, another feared ruler of the animal kingdom, a bald eagle, then swept in to claim the fish as its own.

Footage of the event was shared by Rissman's wife Amanda to her TikTok account Amandarnhot, along with the caption: "When you snag a Shark & the Eagle takes the prize! #fishing #fishinglife #fisherman #clearwaterflorida #clearwaterbeach #florida #floridaman."

Vick describes the video, which can be watched here, as "brushing the greatness of the country all into one picture and one experience."

Rissman added: "The way everything lined up, the sunset; I couldn't have asked for a better time."

The pair managed to cut the line so as to get the hook away from the eagle, and the bird stayed on the shore eating the shark for 20 minutes.

Commenting on the TikTok footage, one internet user, Jenn Antis Haskins, wrote: "I am obsessed with bald eagles!! This is awesome."

Another person, Bethany Hopoate, added: "And he is just standing there looking at you like what exactly do you think you're doing? That's my dinner!"

User502656737800 typed: "Love this..!! The eagle is like thanks buddy nice catch... now get in my belly...!!"

Recently two bald eagles were filmed fighting in a Minnesota street, resulting in law enforcement being called to the scene.

The Plymouth Police Department wrote in a Facebook post: "For Plymouth police officers, there's no telling what call could come in next. Yesterday, police responded to a report of two bald eagles stuck together on a Plymouth roadway.

"With a little assistance, the eagles were able to untangle themselves and flew away."

Speaking of the event officer Mitch Martinson told local news outlet WCCO: "We do have de-escalation tactics, but I've never applied them to eagles or other animals."

A bald eagle in flight
Stock image showing a bald eagle in flight. In Florida a man caught a shark on his fishing line, but it was stolen by a bald eagle. iStock