Balmy Biking

Now you can stay warm and manage to still look hot riding your Vespa this winter. Tucano Urbano, the leader in moped and motor-cycle accessories, has just added a line of fur- and cashmere-lined faux-zebra or -leopard leg aprons that recycle air from the radiator in order to keep you warm ($200 to $800; ). Dainese has introduced a black waterproof overcoat for women that actually makes reflective striping look glamorous (from $400; ). And Italian headwear manufacturer Borsalino is offering a fur-lined helmet, the Lapin, complete with silk-covered neck strap (from $450; ). Not to be outdone, Prada is coming out with a gazelle-fur-covered helmet. It's available only by special order (about $3,000; ). Now keep your eyes on the road. -Barbie Nadeau

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