'Bambi's Untold Ending:' Dead Deer Pinned Beneath Log Sparks Wild Theories

A man walking in nature made a terrifying discovery after stumbling across a dead deer that appeared to be pinned beneath a tree.

David Giarrizzo was in rural New York state when he came across the bizarre sight, filming the partially submerged log that seemed to have hooves protruding from it.

Giarrizzo shared a clip of the grizzly find to TikTok account Teamtagnbrag, @teamtagnbrag, at the end of last month, where it amassed more than 1 million views.

"I made a discovery," he captioned the video, while the on-screen text said: "This looks crazy."

Dead deer discovered in New York.
Dead deer discovered in New York. A man stumbled across the bizarre sight, and shared a clip to TikTok. @teamtagnbrag

He filmed the length of the trunk, with the position of the hooves suggesting the deer was beneath it on its back, with its legs splayed.

Explaining more about the grizzly sight, Giarrizzo told Newsweek: "I was in New York on our hunting land when I saw this. I was just walking the land and assessing it for future hunting seasons when I found the deer under the log.

"I first noticed one of the hooves poking out of the water and thought it was pretty weird. It is literally a deer that must have died in the water and got submerged under two giant logs that fell across the creek.

"But he is submerged upside down and his legs are straddling the log on all four sides. I have never seen anything like this before."

Numerous people speculated on how the deer met its fate, as Giarrizzo shared his own thoughts on the situation.

"It's almost like one of those natural phenomenons," he mused. "Did the log or tree fall on the deer while they were standing in the water? Or did the deer die in the water off stream and slow down?

Dead deer discovered in New York.
Dead deer discovered in New York. Numerous theories were put forward as to how the animal died. @teamtagnbrag

"It's so hard to tell but it is extremely unique and rare to find something like this. I tried to wiggle the deer out from under the log but it appears to be stuck."

Others asked similar questions, while a few people likened the animal's fate to the plot of a Disney film gone wrong.

SickHick thought: "The skinwalker stuck under the log."

Kasey Fowler joked: "Bambi's untold ending."

AdventurerCat asked: "Soo like did the tree fall on top of it? I'm so confused as to why the deer is positioned like that."

Christopher Carls945 speculated: "Maybe it jumped at the tree then landed on the water got stuck and the the unbalanced tree fell on top of the deer and killed it on accident."

While Austin_hunter added: "I'm going to say it was a series of unfortunate events."

Deer are popular to hunt in New York state, with white-tailed deer the most common prey.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation noted around 220,000 are culled annually, helping keep the population numbers stable.

Its website explained: "Deer play vital roles in the natural and cultural environment of New York and are highly valued for their beauty and grace as well as the utilitarian benefits they provide.

"However, the abundance of deer in many parts of the state is causing increasing problems, particularly in suburban and urban areas."

After numbers were decimated in the 19th century, the following century saw their numbers rebound robustly, to the point where "abundant deer populations can negatively affect plant communities and the other wildlife dependent on those communities", it said.

"Deer can also cause problems for farmers, tree growers and homeowners. Additionally, they are a frequent hazard to motorists."

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