Banjo Kazooie in 'Super Smash Bros.' Switch? Phil Spencer Still Likes the Idea

With the new Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch set to release in 2018, players are curious to see what new characters will join one of the most beloved fighting game franchises, and fans of Banjo Kazooie should be especially excited.

In a tweet to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox was asked if he'd still be willing to allow Banjo Kazooie characters to be included in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. The response was simply, "Yep." Check out Spencer's tweet below.


— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) March 20, 2018

Back in 2015, Nintendo held a poll for the next Super Smash Bros. DLC and fans tweeted at Spencer because Banjo was a popular choice. Spencer's response at the time was: "I think it would be cool if Banjo was in the next SSB DLC. We've worked with Nintendo on Rare IP before, no issues."

Fans of the franchise recognize Banjo Kazooie as one of the best games to come out for the Nintendo 64. Banjo Kazooie , along with other Rare IP like Perfect Dark , were absorbed into the Xbox library back in 2002 so it's not like Nintendo can just add them willy-nilly.

However, as past Super Smash Bros. games have shown, third-party characters can find a place in Nintendo's fighting game. Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Solid Snake are just a few examples of challengers who aren't part of the Nintendo IP.

Can fans expect Banjo Kazooie in the new Super Smash Bros. ? Half of the equation has already been solved, now it's up to Nintendo to make it happen. .

The new Super Smash Bros. is set to release in 2018.

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