Baptism Party With More Than 250 Guests Not Wearing Masks Shut Down by Police

A combined baptism and first communion party in Spain with around 250 guests was shut down after police saw that none of the people celebrating were wearing masks or observing social distancing.

The incident took place in Granada, a city in the southern autonomous community of Andalusia. Local police visited the property, which had been rented out without the relevance licenses, on Saturday late afternoon after a number of noise complaints.

Officers found 80 cars around the property where the party was taking place, and some 270 people who were not following the mandatory mask-wearing regulations for enclosed spaces, according to the national news website.

The party, which was in joint celebration of a baptism and a first communion, also had catering service staff, entertainment for children and a stage where a musician had been performing.

Police verified that the participants exceeded the maximum number of people allowed in the same space. The participants were also not wearing masks, an infraction for which police opened 270 sanctioning proceedings.

The hosts of the party said to the police that they had paid to rent the premises, which lacked a license allowing activities to take place inside it.

The owner of the property, who went to the scene driving a car despite not having a driving license, was also fined according to the local reports.

The city of Granada counted two new clusters of coronavirus on Monday: 35 new cases were recorded in a student housing complex, and 27 others in a care home for senior citizens.

Last week, 43 new cases were reported in Granada related to a party that was held for a retiring nurse in a local hospital.

The autonomous community of Andalusia counted 17 new deaths on Sunday, and 846 new cases of coronavirus.

Spain's Health Ministry confirmed on Friday that the country had had 716,428 confirmed cases of coronavirus—the highest in Europe and among the ten highest in the world—and a total of 31,232 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The Community of Madrid, one of the worst-affected states, is currently in a standoff with the Spanish government as its cases continue to rise.

The local government in the autonomous community of Madrid ordered some 45 local areas into lockdown, affecting 1 million people. Nevertheless, it rejected calls from the government to place the whole of the capital under a limited lockdown.

Granada Spain Bullfighting
A man wearing a face mask shows his ticket to enter the bullfight on September 26, 2020 in Granada, Spain. After the "Corpus" fair in Granada was suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this bullfight is part of the so-called mini fair of the "Virgen de las Angustias", a program with a bullfight that will have safety measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Carlos Gil/Getty Images