Barbecue Fans Can Earn $10k by Becoming a Grilling Master This Summer

There's no better time to fire up the barbecue than during the sizzling summer season, and now you can get paid to become a grilling master.

Foil company Reynolds Wrap is looking to pay someone to learn to grill, and the position is open to even the most amateur barbecuers.

The company, which has previously hired "BBQ fanatics and rib-loving grill masters" as their Chief Grilling Officer, is now looking for their "Reynolds Rookie Griller."

The company explained the pros shouldn't be the only ones "having all the fun."

Revealing more about the position, Reynolds said: "Are you scared to hold a spatula? Ready to BB-Quit after your latest cookout? Are your burgers 'lit'... until they are literally burned?? If your idea of a job well done means steaks well-done, then America's go-to grilling tool wants you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

The opportunity includes a one-on-one virtual grilling class with Steven Raichlen and there is a $10,000 stipend to "take their grilling skills (and tools) to the next level."

Reynolds said: "Rookie Griller candidates will be evaluated by a qualified judge who recognizes the potential in even the biggest beginners or self-deemed #GrillFails. Our Reynolds Rookie Griller will be judged on their level of grill-timidation, determination and creativity.

"Once selected, the Rookie Griller will sharpen their grill skills in a one-on-one virtual grilling lesson with 25-year veteran grilling expert Steven Raichlen, author of international blockbusters like The Barbecue Bible and most recently, How to Grill Vegetables (May 2021)."

The winner will also document their journey from BBQ fail to master on Reynolds' website and social media channels.

Danielle Chandler, vice president of marketing for Reynolds Brands, said: "It's officially grilling season and Reynolds Wrap is here to help grillers of all skill levels master a delicious meal. Grilling can be a bit unnerving for newbies and we're looking for a true rookie to grow their grilling confidence this summer."

Applications are open until June 18, and to apply you'll need to send a photo of your biggest "#grillfail"—along with the story behind it—and why you deserve to be crowned Reynolds' Rookie Griller. Entries will be judged on "passion," "creativity" and "uniqueness."

If you're a novice, fear not, as Reynolds said: "Never grilled in your life and don't have the photo proof yet? Send us a picture of your most grill-timidated pose!" They added tongs are an optional prop.

You need to be over 18 and live in the U.S., to enter, here.

Reynolds' Rookie Griller poster
Poster for Reynolds' Rookie Griller position. The foil wrap company is looking for a novice to turn into a BBQ master this summer. Reynolds Wrap